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Synergy 2 Beta

Here's how you can send your logs in Synergy 2 Beta.

Sending us the log files is a really important step in helping us diagnose any problems that may be affecting the performance of Synergy 2. We ask for the logs with any Technical Support ticket or if you're asking for help on the forums, so below are the steps for creating and sending us your logs in Synergy 2 Beta.

Important: If you're using Synergy 1, the process is a little different, so please follow the guide: Sending Logs in Synergy 1

  1. With Synergy running, right click anywhere on the blue background of the app and select “Send Log” from the menu.
  2. You should now see a notification bar appear towards the top of the Synergy window letting you know that the log has been generated and uploaded.
  3. In the Technical Support request form, there is a Synergy Log field for each computer running Synergy. Click the down arrow to reveal the uploaded logs.
  4. Now simply select the relevant log file. Take care to match the right log to the right computer.
  5. Repeat this process for all your computers.

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