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Synergy 2 Beta

Here's a quick guide to getting started with Synergy 2 Beta.

Thanks for being a Synergy 2 Beta tester! ❤️

We're in the early stages of development and we really appreciate you trying it out. Please let us know if you have any feedback.

⚠️ If you don't want to beta test software that contains bugs, and have installed Synergy 2 Beta by accident, please uninstall it and use Synergy 1 instead.

Here at Symless, we strive to make the best possible, most seamless, software you will ever use. However, we appreciate that sometimes things don't go as smoothly as we'd like, so this page contains a list a commonly encountered problems and our proposed solutions for troubleshooting Synergy 2 Beta.

First Steps

First download, install, and open the Synergy config app, then click the Login with Symless button. This will log this computer into your Symless account. Repeat this in all the computers you wish to share your mouse and keyboard between. You should notice the Synergy configuration application on the first computer updates as more computers login. It may look something like this:

Once all your computers are logged in, use the configuration application on the first computer to arrange your computers to match the physical layout of your screens, placing them next to each other to connect. When complete, your config application should look as follows:

With everything arranged and connected, you should now be able to move your mouse to the other screens.

I cannot move the mouse between computers

Problem: The config app shows that my computers are next to each other and green, but I cannot get the mouse to transition between my computers.

Solution: Unfortunately we do know of the occasional bug in this area. The most common fix for this is to grab one of the computers in the config app, break it away from the other computers and then place it back again. This will reapply the configuration.

I have a computer configured that I no longer wish to use with Synergy

Problem: I've machines in my configuration application that I no longer want to use with Synergy.

Solution: There are two ways to achieve this. If this is a temporary requirement, then simply break the machine you no longer wish to use away from the others. If you wish to permanently remove a machine from your Synergy setup, you can right click on the machine in question and select the Remove option. Note that you cannot remove the actual machine you are using right now.

I don't know which keyboard and mouse are being shared

Problem: I cannot tell which keyboard and mouse are being, or the keyboard and mouse are now what I expect.

Solution: Open up the configuration application and look for the white dot under one of the machines. This is what we term the server, the machine from which the keyboard and mouse are currently being shared. If you wish to designate another machine the server, you can press a key or mouse on that machine, using Synergy's auto switch feature, or you can right-click the machine you want to be the server and select the Share from option.

Linux auto switch doesn't seem to work

Problem: Pressing a key or clicking the mouse on Linux computers does not auto switch so that the keyboard and mouse can be used on other computers.

Solution: We are aware of this bug. The workaround is to open up the configuration application and right click on the Linux machine you wish to share from and select the Share from option.

I can't login to Synergy on Linux

Problem: I can't login to Synergy on Linux using Firefox/Chrome.

Solution: If possible, please try an alternate browser or update your browser to the latest version.

General Synergy login problem

Problem: I don't seem to be able to login to Synergy.

Solution: Please restart the Synergy configuration application and wait 5 seconds before pressing the Login with Symless button.

I want to only use my mouse on a single screen

Problem: I'd like to suspend sharing temporarily.

Solution: The scroll lock key will lock sharing to a single screen. Some keyboards don't have this key, and currently there is no workaround but we do have this a feature planned to make this customizable.

On macOS Synergy seems to crash on start-up

Problem: When I click on the Synergy icon, the application crashes.

Solution: We are aware of this bug on macOS. The only workaround right now is to reinstall.

Synergy doesn't seem to work on Windows 7

Problem: I can't get Synergy to work on Windows 7

Solution: We are aware of some issues on fresh installs of Windows 7 without the latest updates. Unfortunately, we require Windows 7 to be fully up to date in order run. If possible, please run Windows Update.

Synergy doesn't seem to work and doesn't report any problems

Problem: Synergy is installed and configured and not showing any errors in the UI, but I cannot seem to get the mouse to move across to the other screen.

Solution: Please check your firewall configuration and make sure that port 24802 is not blocked.

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