Keycode or key combinations don’t match

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If your client and server computer does not have the same keycode or key combination, you may need to use a temporary workaround to resolve this issue.

For example, let’s say your key code for the Server (Linux) computer is ISO_Level3_Shift while your Client key code (Windows) is Alt_R.

The workaround is to redirect the key code at the OS level. For example, if you do not use your Right Ctrl key much, you can map it to a new key code such as Alt+R. This way, you can use Ctrl+R if you need to make Alt+R work on your client computer.

To configure this in your Linux Server:

-code-> xmodmap -pke > "$HOME/.Xmodmap"-/code-

-code-> nano "$HOME/.Xmodmap and add: keycode 105 = Alt_R Meta_R Alt_R Meta_R-/code-

-code-> crontab -e and add this: @reboot         sleep 30 && DISPLAY=:0 xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap-/code-

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