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Preventing screen timeout / lock on Windows

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I have a Windows 10 machine acting as the server, a Mac client and another Windows 10 client. Frequently, the Windows machines, both server and client, will not activate their screensavers, lock or allow their monitors to go into sleep mode. I'm not exactly sure what contributes to this, but eventually one or both of the Windows machines will get into this state with Synergy running. The Mac doesn't have this issue, but it does not stay awake while the server is awake. Rebooting / clearing configs / reinstalling does not seem to help.

Here is behavior I want:

* The server machine behaves normally with regard to screen timeout / saver / lock / monitor power save.

* The client machines always stay awake / unlocked / monitors-on until the server locks or activates its screensaver.

I had somewhat better luck with Synergy 1 with this issue - it would allow the server to sleep and it kept the clients awake while the sever was awake, but the Windows client would never turn its monitor off.


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