Synergy 1 Pro on MacOS Mojave 10.14.2 Crashing

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Synergy 1 Pro on MacOS Mojave 10.14.2

Fairly often, Synergy 1 Pro crashes with displayed error message "The executable /Applications/ could not be successfully started, although it does exist. Please check if you have sufficient permissions to run this program"


Log shows that "Process exited with error code: 11". Then it detects that process is not running, attempts to restart, and then displays the error message above with log entry of "process exited with error code: 1".


Stopping/Starting the process does not fix the problem. Closing the application, and relaunching from the menu bar works.


Any ideas?

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Hello @Patch05

Can you please provide your full logs and screenshots for the error prompt and the Synergy configuration window?

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Hi @Daniel Alarcon,

Thanks for your response. I did a complete removal and reinstall of the Windows server and the Mac client on December 24th and it hasn't crashed since. So, I do not have a snapshot of the error prompt, though I did include the message verbatim in my previous post.

I enabled logging on Jan 2nd, and they do show the client disconnecting from the server periodically and reconnecting 1 second later. So, I've attached screenshots of the current configuration windows, advanced config, settings, and the log files for both machines. They're running on the same LAN.


Client - synergy.log

Server - synergy.log






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