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Synergy crashes when screen is locked

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I updated to Synergy 1.10.1-stable-8941241e and still got problems with crashes and more than one instance running at the same time.

My host PC is a Windows 7 PC and the client is an Ubuntu 18.04, both 64 bit machines and OS. In the majority of time Synergy works flawlessly. But sometimes after disconnects from the network and always after locking both screens I got the message that synergy has crashed and the question if I want to restart it. That error message is annoying because Synergy is still working. It seems it has restarted itself just fine although I don't know why it crashed at all. But sometimes on the linux side there are now two "synergy" processes which seem to compete against each other until I kill one of them. At the time both a running the mouse only works every other seconds instead of flawlessly. The issue with the two processes was not there until I upgraded to 1.10.1 from 1.8.8. But the crashes were always there.

Also there is that issue with the clipboard. From time to time it happens that I can not copy things from one side to the other until I restart the host process. And if I do so I also get that crash report from windows although the only thing I did was clicking on Stop and on Start again. Most of the time the issue with the clipboard is solved this way.

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