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No more masters (feature request)

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Feature request: being able to use computer A's mouse with computer B's keyboard on computer C.

In other words, no client becomes master, but they all share the same focus.

A feature I was hopping to get since the announcement of Synergy 2.

Usecase scenario: at work I have a mac, windows desktop and I bring with me a thinkpad. I want to control the mac with a physical mouse always connected to the desktop, using the thinkpad's keyboard. In this configuration, I would just arrive with my thinkpad, sit down, and everything would work.

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I think I am having similar issues -- though appologies if it is a diferent issue.

I use a mouse and keyboard on a windows desktop, and have a portable mac sometimes connected and have them connected through Synergy 2.

Occasionally I need to use the mac trackpad to do some of the things that require multi finger gestures, this is totally fine for me as the trackpad is only 20cm from the mouse, but when I do it, synergy falls over, drops all control of the mac, and required me to open the synergy app (in windows), and click on things at random until it starts again, which can take several minutes.

back ot the example above -- Ideally it would retain focus on whichever window on whichever computer was supposed to be in focus and retain control regardless of which input devices were in use. In perticular, the holy grail here would be the ability (in for example photoshop) to be able to hold down shift on computer B, and click a mouse button on computer A, and that be recieved as a "shift-click" on computer C.

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