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Many users report problems related to incorrect handling of mouse and keyboard, as e.g:

  • Inability to type special characters (in combination with AltGr)
  • Some characters don't work even then (I can currently not type ` using a Fedora Server and Windows Client)
  • Some characters don't work depending on target software (e.g. {}@ in VirtualBox and Putty)
  • Difficulties in various games caused by mouse positioning
  • Some games (e.g. Cities Skylines) won't detect clicking the scroll wheel
  • Mouse Button remap required for forward and backward


I would like to suggest an approach, that will in my opinion solve all of this issues:
Grab the USB signal on the server side and forward them to a virtual USB device on the clients' side.

This way, the client's operating system can handle the input events and forward them correctly to software.




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Interesting idea... developers take note...

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