Program was working great (in spite the lack of any options or settings).  Then I overclocked my other PC, and flashed the bios.  I'm back in windows but it doesn't have both computers displayed anymore.  I reinstalled Synergy 2 basic ver 2.0.6 on both pcs.  still doesn't work.   The other pc is connected to the internet just fine (the one I overclocked).  the only other thing I changed was I installed malwarebytes on it.  But I have uninstalled it since.   Every once in a while on both the Synergy 2 config panels it said something about unable to run background service.  Anyways... i'm signed in to symless on both pcs... not sure what to do at this point.  Installation and setup was easy the first time.  But now not sure what to do to trouble shoot being that there are literally no options in the config.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Maybe uninstall again?  CClean registry and restart then reinstall?  thanks.