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My setup: two windows 10 64-bit PCs. Both PCs installed Synergy Version: 2.0.4-stable for first time 

What that looks like to some one that just bought the software the main screen with two PC names and a status green bar forever moving over the Host PC. Is it installed? Is it done yet? how do I know what to do the mouse and keyboard are not going over to the other PC. Right click the the blue oh send log and read that log...

The character ä that was in one PC name caused the configuration file to fail.

ERROR: cannot read configuration

\synergy.conf": read error: line 9: invalid character 0xffffffc3        Line 9 of the synergy.CONF file is the first instance of the PC name with the letter ä. The error continues on the path of failing and retrying...

[ Core ] synergy-core.exe: no configuration available

[ Service ] [2017-12-24T21:08:40] debug: core process exited: code=4 expected=false

[ Service ] [2017-12-24T21:08:40] debug: core process I/O cancelled

[ Service ] [2017-12-24T21:08:40] debug: core process event handlers disconnected

Although the problem was located and I have since renamed the PC to include the letter a and not ä. The name still rears its ugly head in the config file. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on both PCs Currently the software still shows the old PC name along with the two correct character spelled names making it a total of three PCs. I have searched google and found others in the past have had problems removing PC names from synergy. The past fixes used Regedit, however the Regedit files where different years ago as compared to now. Can some one up there help me how do I remove the old PC name from this software or is this name located in the cloud over at symless/synergy? Seems like uninstalling doesn't really uninstall it all. Hope this helps others that might be struggling to get this software to work.

I had bought this and have yet to make it work. Happy Holidays

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