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pubsub1.cloud.symless.com:443 blocked China?

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I'm from China,

Synergy 2: There was a problem connecting to the auto-config service. Retry.

After RETRY many times, RETRY of course does nothing.


[ Service ] [2017-12-07T14:53:41] debug: retrying websocket connection now
[ Service ] [2017-12-07T14:53:41] debug: connecting websocket: pubsub1.cloud.symless.com:443
[ Config  ] [2017-12-07T14:53:42] debug: service cloud connection error

from log I found Synergy 2 need to connect to pubsub1.cloud.symless.com:443

and just using cmd&telnet give a shot



visit from local network, connection failed

and try vpn to US.


connection established


Synergy 2 online now.


How can I have it in China? Need u help.

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