Idle PC 40% cpu usage and 40% ram usage by Synergy

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This is NOT urgent, you do not have to priortize me in finding a solution, as I can just restart synergy. It is more to give information about an existing problem than me needing help.

My debian laptop is always running, and has not rebooted synergy in a long time. Today when I entered my room I heard the fans maxing out at moments. I checked what was running and Synergy-co+ was using 40% cpu (i7-620m) and 40% ram (of 8gb)

Time running: 1322:43
(I assume minute:seconds. I know seconds part is correct)

Like 4 hours ago synergy was working fine, I killed the windows service from my "host machine" regularly to disable games from alttabbing.
I do not know when this started to happen. Sometime when i was idling.

PC(Slave that is having the issue)
Debian 9 STRETCH
8gb (2x 4gb 1333 or 1000~mhz)
Intel i7 620m
Integrated GPU


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