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Config tool is horrible :(

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I am a super-fan of Synergy!  I have been using it since the beginning and promote it whenever possible.  

However, the 2.0 config utility/program is really horrible.  It made getting synergy running ten times more difficult!!  In fact, the only way I got synergy running was to go straight to the command line.  

What would make it a useful tool, would be the following:

Allow the tool to add/edit/delete the domain names and IP addresses.  Or at least, list the sources of the names/ips.  I changed hostname, i changed /etc/hosts, I changed /var/lib/synergy/synergy.conf (after spending to much time figuring out which was the config file I needed to change)  manually, and it STILL finds the old domain names!  I have no idea where it is getting them from, or why it is not using the hostname, /etc/hosts or the conf file as the only or at least authoritative sources.  Can you tell me where it is digging up these old, deleted, names from?

So the config tool appears now with both the correct client machine name and the old, deleted, incorrect client aching name. It does not see the server at all, ever.  But if I go to the command line "synergy-core.exe --client -f" it works fine (-f not necessary).  I am not sure what the config app is actually doing, but it should work at least as well as the command line.

The config app should include a HELP section that at LEAST shows the command line options, the location of config files, and the executable (and a link to the forums/help etc.... just standard usability stuff).  It should also show the command that is being executed, with the args (i.e. the command line equivalent), and allow the user to select different options from the "user-friendly" app, and the option to restart the client or the server with these options, with an output console.  I should NOT have to run "synergy-core.exe --client --help" to find out how to start the client, especially when the command line is the only way to get it to work.  It is hard to comprehend that 1.x was massively more convenient to configure and run than 2.0.

If the IPs are used, why should it pay any attention to the server name at all?  I assume there is a very technical reason, like something to do with distributed routing or something like that, but if that is not a necessity, get rid of that 'feature'.

Assing usability to the config app would not take away from its "user-friendly" mode and add a LOT of useful, and necessary, utility.


Anyway, I continue to love Synergy, but I hope upgrades will include something more usable and practical than the current config app.


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Came here because your title says config tool, hoping to find a download link for a separate tool to configure v2; then realized that one doesn't exist.

I'm not too keen on services relying on broadcast to (i.e. Bonjour) to discover compatible clients on the network, I want to be able to define what other endpoint(s) on the network that my computer is talking to where possible... as was with version 1.x.

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