If you don't like Synergy 2 and would like to go back to Synergy 1, but don't have a v1 license, email [email protected] If you'd like to give up on Synergy altogether, email [email protected] Or if you want technical support (which I assume you don't at this point), you can email [email protected] I will address each of your points in the order that you have presented them. 1.) In terms of your introductory sentence, many features that will help refine Synergy are coming in v2.1. If you can't wait that long, refer to the emails I provided above regarding refunds or switching back to v1.8. 2.) A green highlight on one of the screens on the blue background (the "grid") means that the system is connected to the Synergy cloud and ready to connect/connected to a client(s). If it's grey, it is not online. Simple as that. 3.) Each computer is treated as an individual system in the cloud connection process. How it works is that once two or more systems on the same Symless account can be detected as online on the cloud, a LAN-based connection will be established between the systems, using the setting you set as server to be the host system, and the rest being slaves. 4.) You just said how you set which computer to be server and which to be client. The "Share from $NAME" button. I'll address how to use it in my next response, as that is your next question. However, the computer you designate to be the server will cause every other computer to become client. There can be only 1 server. Therefore, set 1 computer as server and Synergy will set all the others as slaves or clients. 5.) It doesn't matter. Either way, it sends the command to the Synergy cloud to change the profile on the respective system to be a server and sends a command to all the others to change to a client profile if it's not already on it. That's why when you click that, all systems react and some say something to the effect to "no change to the profile needed". It was already a client. 6.) You're setting a server and alerting everyone, not just the client, but the prospective server. 7.) SSL is enabled by default, with no current method of configuring. That is coming in 2.1. 8.) If you mean look at it in real time, press the tilde (~) key to look at the log. If you mean send the log to Symless and get a link, right click on the blue background and click "Send Log". 9.) We, speaking on behalf of all moderators and Synergy team members, send people to [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] very often, and are not afraid to admit it. When we think that your issues are better solved by a Symless team members rather than spending time on the forums that will never be compensated for, we are happy to send you that way. Additionally, there isn't even a current link to the forums on the main Symless website. All you get when you click "Support" is a link to a form allowing you to submit a ticket to their helpdesk system. I hope this addresses the concerns you had in your previous post.  
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