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Independent mouse sensitivity

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I've just knew about this software and I'm amazed with its features.

I've started from the 2.0 and I'm missing an interface for changing settings.

  • One of the problemns I'm having is the difference of resolutions on my both devices. The host is 720p and the client is 2160p which makes the pointer speed too low in the client. Is it possible to adjust this in this version of the software? Any plans for the future?
  • I would also like to lock the mouse in a specific screen instead of using them side by side, but also don't see an option like this anywhere.
  • The size of the main window of the software is too small in a 4K resolution making me get closer to the monitor to read what it's written (as seen in the attatched image)

Congrats for your work.



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haha, that synergy window. 

this would be really nice though, they are adding more customization in 2.1 and more will come.

this is pretty crucial for monitors with different resolutions.

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