If you are posting about any of the following issues/concerns, please note that the response you will most likely get from the community is that these features are coming in Synergy 2.1. Without further ado... - Less reliant online mode - "Tinker-y" Settings panel - Removing and renaming a computer on the grid - A more polished uninstallation script - One-click updating process - Making the window size and elements dynamically adjustable - Tray icon for quick access to settings - Offline mode (YES!) - Better UI icons and labels - Better OS support (older versions of OS X (now named macOS), etc.) - More reliable cloud - Minor glitches and crashes (ex. with Chrome crashing on activation and Firefox not working in some instances) _________________________________________________________________________________________ The following changes will be exclusive to Synergy 2 Pro users. - Drag and drop file support - Copy and paste file support (ex. Ctrl + C a Word document and Ctrl + V on the other system) Note for this that you CAN copy and paste text and images on your clipboard. Just not entire files. - Synchronization of locked status and lock screens - Wake-on-LAN (magic packet, wake one system to wake all) - Screensaver Sync (similar to Lock Screen Sync) - Audio Sharing (share audio output between speakers of all systems) - Different computer profiles (ex. one profile for surrounding systems at work and another for the home) - Wrap around edges of computer layout - Key swapping - ex. mapping Ctrl to Cmd, etc. And as an added bonus, note that developer support (something similar to an API) will be added in Synergy 2.2 or 2.3! If what you want isn't on this list, go ahead and post it in the "Feature Ideas" forum and a Synergy team member will review your suggestion. EDIT: 2 things to note. | 1.) Please note that some of these feature suggestions have already been added in whole or in part to dot releases of Synergy 2! | 2.) Please note that as Synergy 2 is put back into beta, you will see a lot more of these features be added in a stable form before it is put back into deployment as the stable branch of Synergy.