fallout 4 no mouse aim with synergy

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I use synergy to connect two machines. One with linux and one with windows 7.

linux is the synergy server.

I have been doing great. I have played fallout 4 on the windows machine with no issues since the game came out.

Then the mouse could not be used to aim the gun in the game. The mouse continues to work in the pipboy screen and in the main menu.

I have proven this is a synergy issue. I plugged in a usb mouse and keyboard into the windows machine and the issue goes away.

Only when using synergy does the mouse fail.

I have done 2 days worth of debugging this as a bethesda and/or a steam issue. It is neither.

real mouse/keyboard and the game works.

Synergy shared mouse/keyboard between linux and windows and cannot aim with the mouse.

I also ran other games and this does not happen in other games. Just fallout 4.

At this point I'd have to say that some sort of change to F4 or steam is causing this.

I reinstalled Synergy to the same version on both sides that worked fine for the last six months and no dice.

Linux = 1.8.3. Windows = 1.8.4.

All help appreciated.


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NOTE: Is it possible that Steam recognizes synergy as a gamepad controller? would explain fallout 4 behavior. That or F4 sees synergy as a game controller. If a game controller is present then the mouse aim would stop working.


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