Bug - Shit Key is MIA in Client Remote Desktop

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System Setup

My Server is a 2017 iMac and the client is a late 2012 iMac (both running 10.12.5), I also have a headless PC (This therefore does not have Synergy installed - running Windows 10 Pro and I log into that from Microsoft Remote Desktop), the server and PC are wired connections, the client is wireless.

I have tested this with both 1.8.8 and 1.9.0 RC3 and the bug appears in both of them.


Bug & Reproduction

If I connect to my PC using MRD on the server everything functions correctly.  If I log in from the client Mac, whilst everything functions correctly outside of the MRD connection... In the connection, the [Shift] key, fails to function. Please see the attached screenshot where I have typed the same phrase.

  • As the [Shift] key functions on MRD when I use my Server System, I think I can rule out any configuration issues on the Windows 10 install.
  • Other keys like [CAPS] function correctly (a partial work around).

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 05.56.24.jpg

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I have a similar issue with the Parallels Client (Remote Desktop)

to make things work for me I use:
Server: PC, synergy-v1.7.5-stable-fa85a24-Windows-x64
Client: Mac synergy-v1.8.5-stable-a18eba7-MacOSX1011-x86_64.dmg

Parallels Client works with all keys, Windows, Ctrl, Shift ...

I found the 1.8.6 Mission Control key fix broke the Windows key in Parallels Client. Getting really frustrated that I have to use such an old version to make things work!

Try using Synergy 1.8.5 and Parallels Client on your Mac. You need to configure the keyboard shortcuts in the preferences of the Parallels Client too.

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Same problem for me.

Running 1.8.8.

Mac Pro as Server and Mac Book Pro as client.

Running RDP to an Azure Server from the mac pro and Shift/Ctrl etc work fine.

Running RDP to the same Azure Server from the Mac Book Pro and Shift/Ctrl keys don't work, despite them working in OSX

I need to be able to use RDP on the Mac Book Pro as this is my 'official' work machine. The Mac Pro is my home machine.

Short term I could run the Mac Book Pro as the Synergy Server but that means I need to have my Laptop docked and on the network in order to use the keyboard and mouse on the Mac Pro.

Annoyed as other than this it's an awesome bit of software.


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I'm running Windows 10 for my Synergy Server, and Mac OS 10.12.6 (high Sierra) for my Client.  I'm often using Microsoft's Remote Desktop app on the Mac and the Shift, Ctrl, Alt keyboard functions do not translate to the Remote Desktop session.  I also run some VMs (using VMWare) and the Shift, Strl, Alt keyboard functions do not translate to those VMs either.

Thus, I would conclude the Shft, Ctrl, Alt keyboard functions are only translating "one level deep" and not making it to the "second level" (RPD sessions, VMs, etc.) as the same happens with multiple methods.

I love running Synergy, and using my Win10 system as the Server gives me the full Windows keyboard on both Windows and Mac with only the Shift, Ctrl, Alt not translating to "remote" stuff on the Mac.  The Mac keyboard doesn't dive me all the features I want on a Windows system, so this method is my preference.

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Seeing the same thing on the last several releases (currently on 1.10.0). Going from a Windows or Linux Server to a Macbook Pro client (this occurred on Sierra/High Sierra/Mojave so I don't think OS other than Mac is a big factor. The shift key is non-functional in RDP sessions, although if I grab my keyboard that is wired, it works fine.

This is a rather annoying bug as for me, it completely kills the use of synergy when I'm in these sessions.


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