This is a spinoff from an already existing post: I want to have the Screens and links tab changed. Instead of adding systems by name I would like to see the following: Add a new "clients" tab where you list authenticated systems Add Screens with any name that you want as auth would be handled on the clients tab In the screen settings window is where you would specify the system where you can only choose from the systems specified in the new tab Also in the screen settings window is where you would specify the number of the screen Specifying a positive number would pick the same numbered screen that shows when you identify screens from your display settings Specifying 0 would group all available screens on that system Once you create a screen it is saved and you can delete/disable it in the screens and links tab and not ever have to recreate it I have two laptops and each has a second monitor. One of for gaming/dev and the other is for business/system programming. When i am on the road I take both systems, but only the second screen for the gaming system. I would want to be able to add and remove the second work screen easily. Just had a thought mid stroke... What if the screens and links tab allowed you to create multiple configurations so that you could swap back and forth between them? Say that you have a system that you take to work and home... Just one simple click and bam...home an work setups with just a click.