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Jeremy Versaggi

Auto Input Switch

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I would like to request a feature that would allow for software input switching as an action when using a hotkey to switch clients.


I've found that there are apparently software ways to switch the physical input of the monitor, and have been looking into getting this to work nicely with Synergy. That way I can, on the proper hotkey pressed, switch the input and take control of another computer, effectively making a full software KVM by having two computers added to two inputs of one monitor and installing Synergy to both machines (my current setup).


A program called mControl (shareware) allows for a manufacturer independent control solution, but it cannot be invoked when controlling the other computer as the computer with the program needs to be the _active_ input to control the monitor. It would be absolutely wonderful to have Synergy, which is cross-platform, have this ability baked in.

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