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New Client Will Not Connect

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Have Synergy Pro 1.8.5

I have had my Asus laptop and desktop connected for quite awhile. I want to add a Surface Book, but it won't connect, after installation of client.


Error: ssl error occurred (generic failure)

Error: error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol

Error: failed to connect to secure socket

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For years I have been accustomed to just running "synergys" on the command line and that worked. This is no longer the case. Now I have to run this:


synergys --enable-crypto --serial-key 


It should be noted that the


isn't just a copy paste from your account page. To find the correct one I had to run synergy from the GUI and look up what key it was using. Just to clarify here are the steps:


Kill synergy


just run "synergy" instead of "synergys"


ps fax | grep synergys


There you should find the key.


I'm sure there are more elegant ways to figure this out but I haven't seen anybody with answers regarding this so hopefully it's helpful.

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I'm running a Windows 10 desktop as a server and tried to connect a new Windows 10 Client. I'm running version: 1.8.5-stable-a18eba7. I entered the key from my login on the client to activate it. However, the key had not been entered on the server to activate it. Once the server was activated, the client connected.


Hope this helps any Windows users out their looking for at least one answer.

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