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Sticking on screen edge when no clients are connected

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Hi guys,


I didn't know where else to post this since it isn't a crash, just a bug.


I have a couple of problems with synergy, which I will split into two posts. The other one has to do with games.


When using two computers hooked together, the transition between screens and PCs is fairly quick and seamless.

When using one computer with the synergy exe active (in this case, the server exe), the mouse 'hangs' at the top edge of my screen, as if it is checking or trying to switch over to my other pc. Is there any way I can fix this with a settings change? If not, perhaps in the future Synergy could be prevented from forming this screen edge check when no clients are actually connected to the server.


An otherwise happy user,



Some technical information:

Windows 10 64-Bit


Quad Core CPU

Synergy 1.8.5

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Yes! It seems to be resolved now. Thank you. You guys have really been killing a lot of little bugs, its great.

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