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Synergy 1.8.3, and special chars on German kbd stop working

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Hi everyone,


I updated my set-up to 1.8.3 today:


- Server: Ubuntu 16.04 "Xerial", 64 bit, German keyboard

- Client 1: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit, German keyboard, English also installed

- Client 2: Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, German keyboard, English and Spanish also installed


When I try to access any of the AltGr+Key characters on the German keyboard such as @ (not too uncommonly used), the clients switch to English and beep instead of accepting the character. Typing it locally works. Copy & paste also works.


This used to work perfectly until the last upgrade, so 1.8.3 seems to break something. It is really annoying as I do occasionally have to type e-mail addresses, and that has turned into a major drag.


Is there maybe a configuration option to make it work again?





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Same for me -- i.e. in my clients all special chars that need AltGr stopped working in 1.8.3.


Clients are Windows 7 Home and Win 8 Pro, server is Ubuntu 12.04, all running 1.8.3


The problem manifested immediately after upgrading client to 1.8.3 even while the server was still running 1.8.2


--Tapio Luukkanen

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I temporarily fixed the issue by going back to 1.7.5 on the client only. I would have used 1.8.2 but I stupidly deleted that installer, and it's not available for download because of this: viewtopic.php?t=2021

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