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Larsa Öhman

RDP running

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When I have a RDP windows maximized on my Synergy server, I´m not able to use the keyboard on my Synergy client. The mouse is working but not the keyboard.


When I minimize the RDP window it works to write at the Synegrgy client again.


Anything that could make this work?


I´m pretty sure this worked with version 1.7.6.



Synergy server: Windows 8.1 Pro

Synergy client: Windows 8.1 Pro

Synergy version 1.8.2



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I am experiencing this same issue. It's pretty frustrating when I begin typing on what I think is my Synergy client but the typing happens within the RDP session.



Synergy Host - v1.8.5-stable-a18eba7

-Windows 10

-3 monitors


Synergy Client - v1.8.5-stable-a18eba7

-Windows 10

-1 monitor



-RDP session running on Synergy Host to an unrelated machine. RDP is set to full screen on 1 monitor.


-Move mouse from the RDP session to the Synergy Client. Mouse cursor appears on the client but keyboard function remains stuck in the RDP session on the Synergy Host.


-Move mouse back to Synergy host, click outside of the RDP session (on one of the 2 remaining monitors) This brings focus outside the RDP Session. If RDP session is utilizing all monitors, I must minimize the RDP session in order to click outside of it on the host.


-Move mouse back to Synergy client, keyboard works fine.

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