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Mark Taylor

Possible bug? Can anyone else repeat this?

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Windows 8.1 server.

Linux ubuntu 3.13.0-93-generic (16.04LTS) client.

Synergy 1.8.2-stable-36cd521

encrypted connection


seems to run fine for the most part the not having the server crash issues i was having on the older version of Synergy.



When I lock the screen using the server's keyboard, it does not lock the client screen automatically, unless the focus is on the client.


Then the mouse goes to the top right corner of the client and sticks there.

will not return.


the only way to get mouse and keyboard back to the server is to shut the client or client services off.


since I use this in the workplace and have to lock my desk all the time while walking away from it, this is a major inconvenience, I get that I last supported the project almost 2 years ago, I don't think I need support for this per-se. But is this the proper medium for bug reports? or does bug reporting require the support subscription.

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I have the same issue. It doesn't matter if it is a just locked state or a fresh reboot of the server. At the login screen, the cursor will be locked in one of the client corners until all of the clients have been disconnected. then the server can be logged in.

Windows 10 - 3 monitors - server

Windows 8.1 - All-in-one - client

Ubuntu laptop - client


Synergy 1.8.4- stable-a6ff907

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