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Found 4 results

  1. I wanted the full version with this link: But when i make a account and want to buy the pro version, it automatically went to the normal version.. And I can't upgrade?
  2. I am unable to compile Synergy pro ( source archive downloaded from: ) on Fedora 25. My issue is very similar to: Exact steps I have taken: - Download above archive, extract, enter - Attempt config with QT_SELECT=4 ./ conf -g1 Config fails with: no qmake found. Added /usr/lib64/qt4/bin. Config now completes, but returns the following: -- Configuring done -- Generating done -- Build files have been written to: /home/jniedrauer/Downloads/synergy-v1.8.8-stable-c30301e-Source/build/release Going back to: /home/jniedrauer/Downloads/synergy-v1.8.8-stable-c30301e-Source Error: Could not get revision, git error: 128 - Run build with ./ build Which outputs: [100%] Built target unittests Going back to: /home/jniedrauer/Downloads/synergy-v1.8.8-stable-c30301e-Source Make GUI command: make -w Entering dir: src/gui make: Entering directory '/home/jniedrauer/Downloads/synergy-v1.8.8-stable-c30301e-Source/src/gui' make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop. make: Leaving directory '/home/jniedrauer/Downloads/synergy-v1.8.8-stable-c30301e-Source/src/gui' Going back to: /home/jniedrauer/Downloads/synergy-v1.8.8-stable-c30301e-Source Error: make -w failed with error: 512 I can complete the build when following the instructions here: However, there is no compileDir/bin/plugins directory (pro version isn't on github I take it?) How can I proceed with using the pro version on linux?
  3. BASIC vs PRO difference?

    What is the actual difference between the basic and the pro? How does the "SSL encryption / Encrypt all data sent between machines" work to benefit my two computers? Is it worth it? It's only $5, but if it's something I NEED, then I'd want it.
  4. Connection lagging

    I've noticed a couple of posts regarding connecting lagging . I also have the same problem My Specs : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU : dual xeon cpu 8 core DESKTOPS : Windows 7 SP1 + Linux ( arch gnome-shell) both machines have the same specs there both dell t5400 RAM : 32gb HARDRIVES : Client and Server both ssd drives ETHERNET : 20Mbps Download 10Mbps Up VERSION : Senergy Pro ( ssl ) enabled ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- when I download something on the client or server it lags reallly bad. is there any resolution to this problem as its very frustrating .. at times the mouse jumps and is unuseable I suggest the devs allocating certian bandwidth to the mouse so when the user downloads something the mouse connecting isnt being drained ..