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Found 33 results

  1. Will not open on Mac

    It says Synergy quit unexepectedly, click reopen. Reopen does the same thing over and over. Mac OS X Ver 10.7.5
  2. Scrolling not working on client - in any application Server - MacPro OS 10.12.1 Sierra Mouse on server - Logitech wired mouse Client - MacBookPro OS 10.11.6 El Capitan Behavior - Mouse scroll wheel works fine on the server - does not work at all on the client with any program. Attempted remedies: Restarted server and client Restarted both machines Unsuccessful. Looking forward to prompt reply. Anton
  3. Crashing in macOS (log included) So yeah everytime I open the app it crashes. I tried uninstalling and reainstalling, yet no luck. Please help!
  4. Hey everyone, I'm using my Windows machine as a server and my Mac as a client, I want to start Synergy at login for the Mac so I no longer have to use a separate keyboard and mouse only for logging into the Mac before using my Windows keyboard and mouse. Please advise if you know how to get Synergy running at login/bootup for macOS Sierra 10.12
  5. Hi - I'm experiencing a somehow cyclic breaking/intermittent input on my client. It would be ok for 8 counts and then would be intermittent for the next 4 counts then would repeat the same cycle. I have uploaded a video(link below) to show what I mean. This happens to both input devices (mouse/kb). My setup - Basic License. Client and Server on 1.8.8-stable March 16, 2017 build. Server - Windows 10 Client - MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 I have tried the ff to narrow down the possible causes but I've not managed to fix the issue: Uninstall and Reinstall on Server Uninstall and Reinstall on Client Use Different Router (tried 3 diff routers and 2 iphone hotspots) Use a different set of mouse and keyboard. Anyone here have encountered this? Can you share how you fixed it? Thanks!
  6. I installed Synergy on my Windows 10 PC in server mode and allowed it through my firewall; the application runs fine. I installed Synergy on my Mac laptop in client mode but the status says "Synergy is starting" and never changes to Synergy is running as on my server. The log states that the connection to server has timed out and it keeps trying to connect to the server. When I start up the client app (on the mac laptop), the server app (on the windows PC) detects that there is a new client and asks me to place the client on the map. However, when I move the mouse to the designated border, the mouse does not transfer over, nor does the mouse toggle to my client (mac laptop) when I hit the hotkey combination I configured. (meanwhile, the client side still says "Synergy is starting" and cycles through multiple connection timeouts. Please advise.
  7. Cant connenct

    I haven't been able to fix the issue that my computers are having. (Server Computer) "WARNING: unrecognised client name "Juans-MBP-2", check server config" (Client Computer) "WARNING: Failed to connect to server: server refused client with our name" both the screen name on the client and on the configuration are exactly the same. please help
  8. So this issue has been going on for about 2 months, possibly longer. I use my Toshiba laptop as my client, and my Dell PC as the host computer at home. Sometimes I bring the laptop with me to my office and adjust the IP to connect to my iMac computer there. This process and configuration has worked well for about 7 months now. The last 2 months, when the cursor is on my client laptop screen, it's super laggy, like stop and go. I'll move the mose around and lose it constantly as I'm clicking through documents or websites. It even seems laggy while typing on the client laptop. To clarify, the cursor and keyboard are NOT laggy at all on the host/server computers. Yesterday was the first day since this laggy mouse started that I brought my laptop to the office to see if it still had the same issue with the Mac desktop. Completely different computer, different OS, different configuration, different network. It still has the glitchy/laggyness... Possibly worse. Home Server Setup: 2010? Dell Optiplex 2016 Windows 10 64 bit Synergy Basic Ethernet connection via comcast (averages 85Mbps download, 15Mbps upload) This machine is pretty old, newly reset, only 4gigs of Ram, but I monitor the processes to keep background activity low. Stand-alone tower, two external monitors (HDMI & VGA). Office Server Setup: Late 2015 iMac macOS Sierra, version 10.12.5 Synergy Basic Wi-Fi connection via comcast (averages 80Mbps download, 18Mbps upload) Bought this machine in February brand new, it is used Maybe once a week. It is an "all-in-one" machine in the monitor, one HDMI connected secondary monitor. Client Setup: 2015 Toshiba Satellite P55W-C (touchscreen) 64-bit OS, x64-based processor 2016 Windows 10 Synergy Basic Only connected via Wi-Fi at both locations. At home with the Dell PC, I connect one HDMI to the laptop. Someone please help or advise! This is driving me nuts and affecting my user performance.
  9. Hi, I just installed Synergy and everything worked really well out of the box. But I am facing a problem here. Both my computers are running an english internacional keyboard. There are some differences, just because one keyboard is from my Macbook Pro, and the other one is a Razer Deathstalker. But besides the "Command" key, they are actually the same keyboard. The problem is: my single and double quotes keys only works in my server machine (Windows 10), when I switch to my client (mac) everythings works fine but these two keys... I need to copy/paste quotes every single time... and I do use them quite a lot, since I am a web developer... When I press them in my Mac PC (using my Windows keyboard) those quotes does not appear - but I can put special characters like á/ä/à/ã which uses these same keys... I'm just not able to use them by themselves. Anyone knows how to fix/set up this? I really need to know how to make this works fine. Thanks in advance. Regards, Matheuscmpm
  10. Hotkey not working on Mac

    Server: macOS Sierra, Synergy 1.9.0 - Apple Keyboard, Logitech Gaming Mouse Client: Windows 10, Synergy 1.9.0 Synergy is working OK - it's a little laggy at times but I managed a game of TF2 the other day and wasn't any worse than usual, so.... However, I'm having trouble getting the "lock to screen" hotkey to work on my server using the above config. The Mac doesn't have a Scroll Lock key, although I've read elsewhere I should be able to use F14 for this - it doesn't work. I tried setting F13 and - on the Windows client at least - this works fine. It locks and you see log machines on the Mac saying so. It doesn't matter what hotkey I pick - even something simple like an alpha key - the Mac won't lock. What's the fix for this or, alternatively, is there a way to prevent machine switching via moving the mouse and lock it purely to a hotkey to switch machines instead? This way the cursor / keyboard will stay where I want it until I press a key and there won't be any accidental switching.
  11. have done exactly what the tutorials say to do and I still can't get the client to connect to the server. I have my server on my Windows 10 computer and the client on my MacBook Pro. On the MacBook Pro, it just tells me over and over again in the output WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed out I have done everything to try and make this work and for some reason, it will not connect. Can someone help get synergy to work? It would be greatly appreciated. I don't know what I am doing wrong.
  12. Hi, first of all thank you for developing this product, it's very good. I have been using Synergy for a couple of weeks now and today I got this error message saying: "The executable /Applications/ could not be successfully started, although it does exist. Please check if you have sufficient permissions to run this program." Until now everything worked fine. I haven't changed anything - neither in the Synergy config nor in my Mac's system/security configs. I googled the problem but I only found a closed GitHub issue from you, where no actual solution is provided. Could you please help me out? I already re-installed the application, it didn't do anything - my assumption is that I'd have to delete the config file itself so that a clean install would re-create a (hopefully) working one. FYI on my Windows machine (I use it as the client part) everything works perfectly meaning it listens to a server without error. I hope you can help me with this problem. Key information: GitHub issue: System: Macbook Air, OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G1510) See attached images Kind Regards, Daniel
  13. Hey there, I just downloaded Synergy and was hoping to quick start moving files seemlessly between by macBook Pro (os 10.11.6) and my windows 10 machine, but keep getting this error on the client (Mac) computer: [2017-06-22T13:57:20] WARNING: failed to connect to server: Connection refused [2017-06-22T13:57:21] NOTE: connecting to '': [2017-06-22T13:57:21] INFO: OpenSSL 1.0.2 22 Jan 2015 My windows machine is running the server side fine, but there are no additional monitors appearing the Server Config. window, so there is nothing to add in for sharing. What am I doing wrong here? Cheers! James
  14. I jus got a new Surface for work. My server (my Mac) has not changed. Synergy installed and connected perfectly right off the bat for the Win 10 client. One thing I did notice is that when I move my mouse to my hotspot on my Mac to activate my screensaver, it does not activate the screen saver on the client. It did on the old one. I don't know if this is really a Synergy issue or a Power Settings issue on the new Surface but I'm not sure where else to ask Thanks for any help!
  15. Hi, I've got 1 licence Pro. I have added 1 client ( 1 server and 2 clients) and now my previous client say something like "you are not authorized to run the Synergy app" Should I have 1 licence Pro per new client with the same server ? Thanks, Yann.
  16. Setup = MacBook Air (client), MacBook Pro (server), Dell Monitor. Sometimes when I go away from both computers and they go to sleep, I come back and the cursor is 'stuck' in the corner of the server. I can free it up by quitting synergy on the client but in order to get everything to come back to working as expected, I have to restart the application on both computers. Anything I can do here? It's kind of annoying to have to restart synergy every time both computers go to sleep.
  17. i would like to have synergy autostart with the mac as i don't have a keyboard and mouse connected to it and cannot login without this. Any help will be appreciated.
  18. How to auto-connect after restart?

    Hi Paul, I have a related question - how do I get Synergy to auto-connect once it has been started after login? Server: W10 64bit Client: macOS 10.12.4 Synergy 1.8.8
  19. Mac does not auto connect to PC

    My main machine is an Mac. I have a PC that when ever the Mac sleeps the PC loses it's connection and won't reconnect unless I open synergy and click apply. Any way around this??
  20. I am using synergy and have a server set up on a Mac running OSX Sierra v 10.12.5 and a client running Windows 10 enterprise. Synergy was working great at first, now after about a week, my mouse will transfer but my keyboard will not. i have tried some of the fixes found online such as closing chrome and restarting both the server and the client and neither have worked. Thanks!
  21. I have two macs using Synergy. When I restarted the client, I am unable to use my mouse from the server after I restart the client. Is there a way to have Synergy recognize the mac client at the login in screen??? If not, I have to attach a keyboard and mouse just to login and have it recognize synergy.
  22. connect

    Hello, I just bought the Pro version. I have MacOS Sierra and Window 10 Home 64 bit. Download the Synergy in both systems, but it's not working for me. I wanted to use my mac magic mouse in window 10 and go back and forth. Please help, Vjs
  23. MAC OS install failure

    I tried installing version 1.8.8 stable on a Mac running version 10.8.5 and it would not run. Is there a previous version that will run MacOS 10.8.5?
  24. As the title states, I get a small input lag when ever I turn synergy on on the server side. Weirdly the client (my mac) has not input lag at all. Has anyone come across and issues like this? I've updated to 1.9 and this may have introduced a minimal improvement. ALSO Bonus points: Are there any keyboard shortcuts that I can use to lock keyboard and mouse to server, for gaming for instance? Thanks! Will
  25. Hi, I can't seem to get Synergy Pro to work with a client Mac running Sierra 10.12.5 Beta and a Windows 10 Server on the latest software. I've edited all the rules for both Firewalls to allow all connections in and out and have disabled the VPN I was using to see if that was the issue (it wasn't). Next I disabled the SSL encryption to see if it would work without it and I'm still getting the same error on the client ( synergyc[63570:39770617] starting cocoa loop [2017-05-30T09:57:19] WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed out ) Then it will run the Server IP line and go back to the timed out message. Any help would be great!