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Found 29 results

  1. I get the synergy system to work great without ssl encryption, but when I turn on encryption I get a system call failure which also causes the cursor to get jumpy. The ssl option is turned on for both client and server. Is this a bug or is there some other setting I need to change? Thank you. Below is the log error: I'm running linux mint versions of Ubuntu 14.04 on server computer (Jane) and Ubuntu 16.04 on the client computer (Miner00) [2017-07-01T01:53:40] INFO: accepted secure socket [2017-07-01T01:53:40] INFO: AES256-GCM-SHA384 TLSv1.2 Kx=RSA Au=RSA Enc=AESGCM(256) Mac=AEAD [2017-07-01T01:53:40] NOTE: accepted client connection [2017-07-01T01:53:40] NOTE: client "Miner00" has connected [2017-07-01T01:53:50] INFO: switch from "Jane" to "Miner00" at 1919,523 [2017-07-01T01:53:50] INFO: leaving screen [2017-07-01T01:53:50] INFO: screen "Jane" updated clipboard 0 [2017-07-01T01:53:54] ERROR: ssl error occurred (system call failure) [2017-07-01T01:53:54] ERROR: eof violates ssl protocol [2017-07-01T01:53:54] ERROR: failed to accept secure socket [2017-07-01T01:53:54] INFO: client connection may not be secure [2017-07-01T01:53:55] INFO: OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014
  2. The server is Ubuntu and it's impossible to drag file from both of system(win and linux).
  3. drag and drop does not work on linux

    so i have 2 computer, one running ubuntu 16.04 and the other one running centos 6, i have install synergy on both of them and work nicely except for the drag and drop feature, is this something that happen often or only in my case and how do i solve this?
  4. Hi The 'Feature #2974 - Gesture Support for Magic Mouse/Trackpad' listed as fixed in 1.4.10. I'm currently using 1.7.5 and Trackpad gestures don't work on Client screen. Both Server and Client are Mac OS X 10.11. Trackpad gestures work OK on Server, but not on Client. Log shows the following: WARNING: unknown quartz event type: 0x1e Is there configuration option to enable it on Client?
  5. Please help. I have my Windows 10 laptop(commandcenter) configured as the server, and my Linux box -centos 7 (Linuxlab) as the client. It detects connection on both hosts, but I get this error when I try to move to the Linux box on the right: [2017-08-05T19:00:48] DEBUG1: no neighbor right [2017-08-05T19:00:48] DEBUG1: try to leave "CommandCenter" on right [2017-08-05T19:00:48] DEBUG1: no neighbor right [2017-08-05T19:00:48] DEBUG1: try to leave "CommandCenter" on right [2017-08-05T19:00:48] DEBUG1: no neighbor right [2017-08-05T19:00:49] DEBUG1: try to leave "CommandCenter" on right [2017-08-05T19:00:49] DEBUG1: no neighbor right [2017-08-05T19:00:55] DEBUG1: event: button press button=1 Stopping and reconnecting: [2017-08-05T19:03:44] DEBUG: received client "LinuxLab.local" info shape=0,0 1920x1080 at 710,629 [2017-08-05T19:03:44] DEBUG1: send info ack to "LinuxLab.afripora.local" [2017-08-05T19:03:44] DEBUG: active sides: 0 [2017-08-05T19:03:44] NOTE: client "" has connected How can this be fixed? I have looked up solutions online and nothing seems to work?
  6. There are at least two bug reports about this already: Server: Arch Linux Synergy version: 1.8.8-2 Client: Windows 10 Synergy version: 1.8.8-stable-c30301e To reproduce, simply copy an image to the clipboard beyond a certain size. It need not be enormous, perhaps 1280x720 or so. Logs were included in the open github issue here: This has been a frustrating problem which has persisted for a long time now. Please look into this!
  7. My synergy isn't working on linux

    Hi, I just bought synergy for my 2 fedora desktops. I keep getting this error. Everytime, I try to connect. Little heads up, I am running 2 dell optiplex 755s with 4gb of ram and dual cores. The servers a 64bit and the clients a 32bit system. I am hoping this get resolved. It's driving me crazy! [2017-07-06T00:42:35] INFO: OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013 [2017-07-06T00:42:36] WARNING: failed to connect to server: Connection refused [2017-07-06T00:42:37] NOTE: connecting to '': [2017-07-06T00:42:37] INFO: OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013 [2017-07-06T00:42:38] INFO: stopping synergy desktop process [2017-07-06T00:42:38] INFO: process exited normally
  8. Ubuntu / Linux Installation

    Instructions say: Linux: Run the downloaded package to open the package manager, then click the Install button. However, the downloaded package is a tar.gz, you can't run it - what am I really supposed to do with it? The INSTALL is a text file with some links in it.
  9. Hey Nick, I am using 2.0 test version, and I am having Could you please suggest me anything? One more thing. I am trying to connect raspberry pi3 and laptop. Precise info is below: Rpi has 1.4.16 installed, and Linux Ubuntu has 1.6.2. Does version play any role here? I don't know with a 2nd beta version; I am not able to config my raspberry pi, so I am trying to use default package for raspberry and Linux. I attached one picture from the client as a Ubuntu and server as raspberry pi. I tried vice-versa. Thanks Ashish
  10. Not sure if this should be in another topic or can be continued in this one. Synergy is running on my Kali box, but when it asks for my username and pass during the setup wizard, it constantly responds back with "Login failed could not communicate with the server". It still runs if I choose 'Maybe Later', but it wont let me register it with my Synergy Pro account. I've verified that the machine is indeed online and able to communicate with sites external to my network. Any ideas?
  11. New to the forum and Linux. Trying to connect a Windows 10 machine to my Nvidia TX1 (which has an ARM 64 processor). After buying the pro version of the software, I downloaded the client onto my windows machine. I tried downloading the Ubuntu install file from the website. However, the file wouldn't install (which is generally my experience with Ubuntu install files and probably caused by the ARM 64 architecture). After that didn't work, I did an apt-get for Synergy. It installed correctly and the GUI launched. However, it won't detect the Windows machine while it's running a Synergy in server mode (with encryption turned off). I inputted the IP displayed by Synergy on the server side into the client on the TX1 but, it seemed to time out every time. After checking the versions on both devices, it seems that even though the Windows 10 server is running the latest build, 1.8.8, but the version on the TX1 is 1.6.2 (which appears to be from 2012). I tried to compile the files from source to see if that would help support ARM 64 with the latest build. I seem to have been able to do something with it? I was able to compile and build the source successfully. I tried to execute one of the files created by the source inputting the IP displayed on the server on the windows machine but found the same result as with the 1.6.2 version install, connection time out. Not sure where to go from here. Thanks in advance y'all! I'm new to Linux, so this can all be confusing.
  12. Copy paste Win10 to Ubuntu 14.04

    For Windows 10 to Ubuntu 14.04 I am unable to copy and paste in either direction. After ctrl+c on windows 10 machine if i move the mouse to ubuntu it will not allow me to paste. This also happens even if I had previously ctrl+c on the ubuntu machine. The clipboard is cleared out on the ubuntu machine but never gets replaced with the copy from windows. It seems like the attempt was made to make it work but it doesn't carry the values over so it just clears. Hope this helps your team.
  13. Hello, I am new to this program and I am thus far very impressed with it. I can see myself making a great deal of use of it in the future. It is a lot easier than the alternatives. I am however experiencing a small problem on my Synergy server (Linux Mint). When I hide the window, I cannot figure out how to reopen it. Opening Synergy again, simply runs a new instance of the program. On the.......... Never mind, I figured it out. For anyone else with the same issue, add the 'System Tray' applet to the Panel. Right click on the Panel, click on 'Add applets to the panel', then find 'System Tray' and add it. An icon of the running instance will be displayed in the Panel.
  14. I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and can't get the correct version installed to work with Windows10 (which has the latest installed--1.8.8. apt-get install only installs 1.6 and it won't upgrade. Grrr. The error I am getting from my Windows machine is: WARNING: failed to connect to server: incompatible client 1.5 I am using the Ubuntu computer as the server. I tried installing the tar via bash and the 'install' file is incomplete, it won't run or configure.
  15. In trying to fix some connectivity problems with Synergy on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, I tried to completely uninstall synergy and wipe every trace from my machine. However, on re-installing synergy, even after reboots and wiping every file related to synergy I could find, the system still remembers my activation code and last configuration. This is quite annoying -- there should be a way to totally clear all information from a previous install, can you please provide that? I'm guessing you hide this information somewhere that you don't want to advertise... there's no place obvious from the contents of the .deb file, so your program must create the hidden file. OK, that's fine (I guess?) , but if you're creating hidden information on my system, then you need to provide a method/utility/utility to wipe it out as well. Please advise. I don't imagine the version matters that much, but FYI I was installing/uninstalling synergy-v1.8.8-stable-25a8cb2-Linux-x86_64.deb when I ran into this problem.
  16. I recently purchased Synergy to more easily work between Windows and Linux. When downloading the Linux file I was unable to find the .deb or .rpm file to install the software.
  17. I have a win10 with two monitors as the Synergy server (ver 1.8.7-stable9799e96) and one Centos6.8 synergy client machine, but remote desktop-ing into the windows machine breaks Synergy. The symptom is that that I can not move the mouse on either machine, and the keyboard is only active on the linux machine after the remote desktop connection has ended. To recover from this situation, I need to plug a mouse into the linux box and stop synergy. Then control from the main keyboard/mouse reverts to the main windows machine. I then log in to win, and use the 2nd mouse to restart synergy on the linux box and all is back to normal. I in the "debug" level logs attached, I was on the RD session from ~14:00 to 15:00. Then I came back to the machine after ~16:00 and corrected as per the procedure above. Synergy ver 1.8.7-stable9799e96, and this issue is repeatable. Thanks! synergy.sgc HulkWin.log jin.log
  18. Clipboard sharing issues

    Hello, I have a Windows 7 computer acting as the Synergy Server and a Linux machine as client. Since the few last versions I experience a problem with the clipboard sharing feature where the Linux machine stops updating the clipboard from the Windows one after some time. I have to stop/start the Synergy server on Windows to get it working again. After some time (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours), it stops working again. I make extensive use of the clipboard sharing and this bug is VERY annoying. Any ideas? PS: The client and server software versions are the latest stable versions published and there are no obvious indications in the logs to a problem.
  19. Linux Client

    Having trouble accessing Ubuntu 16.04 OS, Cinnamon desktop from iMac server. Can access Macbook Pro just fine from iMac. Firewall on Linux machine is turned off for now. Just had to change /etc/hosts file on iMac, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Macbook as laptop got a new IP address from router.
  20. When I click the "Download for Linux" link from, I am actually getting the Source Code for Synergy. I do not have time to compile right now. Can I please just get the link to the latest install?
  21. Hello all! I'd love to have advice on a recurring error I have between a Ubuntu 16.04 (Synergy 1.8.8) and a Windows 10 (Synergy 1.8.6) system. They are networked correctly (by my estimation: I can access the shared folders from either machine and Synergy detects the other machine on either one), but I'm faced with the following error on the server (Ubuntu machine): NOTE: accepted client connection WARNING: unrecognised client name "DESKTOP", check server config NOTE: disconnecting client "DESKTOP" NOTE: client "DESKTOP" has disconnected And with the corresponding one on the client (Windows machine, 'DESKTOP') ERROR: server refused client with name "DESKTOP" WARNING: failed to connect to server: server refused client with our name NOTE: connecting to '': Those two errors are then going into a loop, until I interrupt either of the Synergy processes. I believe the issue is Ubuntu-related, since the exact same server machine, when booting on Windows, works perfectly as a Synergy server. Thank you for any input! -vianneychevalier
  22. Want to remotely interact with several raspberry pi systems. Installed latest version of Raspbian OS from When I do "sudo apt-get install synergy" as the client on the raspi, I get unmet dependencies. See attached screen.
  23. Windows with Surrounding Linux Monitors

    Hello! I recently purchased your software, and am trying to get it configured to my liking. I have a Windows machine with a monitor in the middle, and the two surrounding monitors are powered off of a single Linux (Debian Stretch) machine. I was wondering if there is a way to configure it in such a way that I can seemlessly go from the far left Linux, to the middle Windows, to the left Linux.
  24. Synergys.exe has stopped working

    Hi, Folks- Using synergy (ver 1.8.8-stable-25a8cb2) on Windows 10 64-bit as the server and ver 1.7.4 on OpenSuse Leap 42.2 as the client. I just recently started to receive an error where when I drag the mouse over to the client (Linux), but doesn't go the Windows 10 synergy displays "synergys.exe has stopped working" and the mouse drags. I have to press enter to make sure this is cancelled/closed. I stop/quit both synergys and try again, same thing, not sure what could be causing this. Any help would be appreciated, thank
  25. Connection lagging

    I've noticed a couple of posts regarding connecting lagging . I also have the same problem My Specs : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU : dual xeon cpu 8 core DESKTOPS : Windows 7 SP1 + Linux ( arch gnome-shell) both machines have the same specs there both dell t5400 RAM : 32gb HARDRIVES : Client and Server both ssd drives ETHERNET : 20Mbps Download 10Mbps Up VERSION : Senergy Pro ( ssl ) enabled ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- when I download something on the client or server it lags reallly bad. is there any resolution to this problem as its very frustrating .. at times the mouse jumps and is unuseable I suggest the devs allocating certian bandwidth to the mouse so when the user downloads something the mouse connecting isnt being drained ..