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Found 3 results

  1. I wanted the full version with this link: But when i make a account and want to buy the pro version, it automatically went to the normal version.. And I can't upgrade?
  2. BASIC vs PRO difference?

    What is the actual difference between the basic and the pro? How does the "SSL encryption / Encrypt all data sent between machines" work to benefit my two computers? Is it worth it? It's only $5, but if it's something I NEED, then I'd want it.
  3. I use one desktop windows 10 pro 1607 as a client and laptop windows10 home 1607 and I get the following error failed to connect to server: timed out from the client pc. Any solutions, the problem has always been there no update occured since the purchase and instalation of synergy version is 1.8.8 Ok, I bought the basic synergy pack, so ssl encryption included, i deactivated both firewalls and antivirus software and windowsDefender in case of interferance with the program, also the server recognises the client but client pc presents the noted error. Finaly the Desktop is connected via ethernet and the laptor via wifi.