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  2. Stop mac client from sleeping.

    I'd like it to perform some sort of keep alive on the mac to stop the mac from sleeping.
  3. Synergy 1.10.1 not compatible with Ubuntu 19.04

    Same issue here, seems like libssl was bumped to 1.1 in ubuntu19.04. Is there any other way to get synergy running again? I'm a bit lost without it right now
  4. XBOX One App

    You are probably right about this. I hadn't thought about the applications only running one at a time on the Xbox. I was just hoping there was a way to add this support so that I can seemlesly move between PC and Xbox. Microsoft seems open to making their platform more appealing to a greater range of people. Maybe all it would take is for someone to ask the right person at Microsoft and they could make it happen.
  5. XBOX One App

    Can you expound on this? I see a market for this as well, but there are a lot of hurdles to get over. The way Synergy currently works there has to be an application running on each device that sits in the background as a service. Third-party applications for consoles are usually foreground, high-level, non system-service programs that have a clear start and end to their run-time and do not allow any interaction with any other applications or their data (for security purposes). This could not be released as a normal stand-alone item on the store, but would have to be partnered effort with Microsoft, and the licensing conversations alone could be a nightmare.
  6. Glitched display after using synergy 1

    The snipping tool is capturing what the OS is pushing out. So if there are no artifacts there this seems like it may be a hardware issue. What happens when you move the monitor to another system?
  7. Stop mac client from sleeping.

    This sounds like a feature request so I have moved it. So are you looking for a config option to tell Synergy to manage the sleep settings, or for Synergy to perform some form of a keep-alive by default as long as it can see the server is awake?
  8. What release of Windows are you running? 1803? 1809? Have you updated the NIC firmware? Are there versions of TLS that you have disabled?
  9. Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard

    I have not used Macs beyond a leisure level since right when OSX came out, so I am not the best person at all for this, but I wonder if there are any tools that you can use to see exactly what inputs are being sent from the keyboard to the system. Also want to know if there are regions or locales that you are able to edit to see if that works.
  10. interface synergy binds to on windows

    Can you elaborate on the difference of the setup between your 2.4 and 5 GHz networks? From what I can tell as long as they pull from the same DHCP scope there should be no issues.
  11. Hi is there still no solution for gestures?
  12. interface synergy binds to on windows

    never mind was connected to the my 5 ghz wireless on one machine, and the 2.4 ghz wireless on the mac.
  13. Which interface does synergy bind to? Is it the bolded ip? I want to change this. I can't connect to the server from my mac.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I was playing a game in full screen and accidentally move my cursor to the computer positioned above my main screen and it wasn't locked (forgot to). it briefly turned my display off and then flashed a couple times and after it came back the screen is stuck with 3 horizontal lines of pixels at the bottom displaying the contents at the top of the screen. ive tried reinstalling my display drivers, reinstalled windows and its still there. I can faintly see some non black lines at the bottom when the computer is starting up too. its very odd that snipping tool shows everything as normal.
  16. Last week
  17. why chrome is constantly reading synwinhk.dll ?

    Have you learned anything Jaja? I am having the same issues! It's really annoying!
  18. Synergy 1.10.1 not compatible with Ubuntu 19.04

    nvm; beta 2 won't work either, same dependency error.
  19. upgraded from ubuntu 18.10 to 19.04; upgrade process offered to remove synergy. i did so. upon trying to reinstall, received: synergy : Depends: libssl1.0.0 (>= 1.0.1) but it is not installable i would install synergy 2 beta but that had other issues because my machines have multiple nics and it was trying to connect on the wrong one and wasn't sure how to force it so i stuck with 1 stable. now what?
  20. XBOX One App

    Would it be possible to add support for the Xbox? I believe that there might be a market for it.
  21. Settings and configuration resetting

    I'm getting the same thing with Synergy pro 1.8.8 on Ubuntu 18.04. The windows installations (1.8.8 and 1.10.0) don't do it. I'm running 1.8.8 because 1.10.0 does not want to play under Ubuntu 18.04. I suspect it only happens when I RESTART the PC. If I do a cold boot (i.e shutdown and start back up) I don't think I get it. I'll do some more testing and see.
  22. Asking for hostname, no place to type it.

    There is an intestine new caveat to this... It appears the new version took away the checkbox in question from the window & replaced it with a server dropdown... A dropdown with nothing in it... Click start and it indicates you must fill in a hostname, but since its a dropdown now that isn't exactly possible...
  23. Auto start on Linux before login

    I bought Synergy and Early Access... This is a feature that must be included!
  24. Disable SYSLOG Debug Messages

    Using version 2 with Windows 7 as server and Ubuntu 16.04 as client. Have no complaints except v2 dumps a lot of /var/log/syslog messages on Ubuntu. Most messages labeled DEBUG or INFO. Is there parameter that will disable Synergy from writing these DEBUG and/or INFO messages? Thanks, -- Asterger
  25. CTRL+ALT+DELETE to a remote machine?

    I have never been able to get CTRL + Alt +Del to work on a remote machine. I'm running 1.10.1 and tried all the key commands with no luck. Is there something I have to setup to make this work?
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  27. This forum is a ghost town. Will decompile the file and have a look inside maybe I can make sense of this.
  28. Stop mac client from sleeping.

    I'm running linux synergy server and a mac client. The mac goes to sleep after detecting no activity. I can increase the inactivity timer, but really what I want is for it to think that it is active while synergy is connected to the server. How can I do this?
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