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  2. I've seen this issue myself for 1-2 years of Synergy, v1 and v2. Windows 10 host, Sierra or High Sierra guest. The behavior I see depends on the Mac RDP client. I submitted a ticket to Synergy support; just putting this here FYI everyone else. I am curious whether others have any partial success with different RDP clients. MS Remote Desktop v8 or v10: No modifier keys work on the remote desktop. Parallels Client v16.5.0 RDP: SHIFT works in the remote desktop, but not CTRL or others. Royal's RDP client: SHIFT, CTRL and others seem to work consistently on the remote desktop!
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  4. +1....echo exactly what @Lohmeyer said. I just wrote up another ticket and I'll gladly work with Synergy to get this resolved if they take it seriously.
  5. I believe last year I did open a ticket on this and referenced the very detailed information about the issue which I posted in the 6th, 7th, and 8th posts of this discussion. Please refer to those posts, as well as many other explanations on the issue in this discussion. The issue was added to the "short list" of issues to solve in Synergy back then by your team, and many others have opened tickets on this issue over the years. The issue is completely repeatable. You just need Parallels on a Mac to see it. The issue is nothing new and I have seen variations of this issue for years as explained in my previous posts. I have not tested the issue recently with newer versions of Synergy 1, but based on comments here, and because I have not seen any announcement to solve the issue, I assume it still exists in the latest version of Synergy 1. The issue still existed in the last version of Synergy 2 that was released. I am currently not using Synergy 1 (I still have Synergy 2 installed, but don't use it either anymore - due to this issue), but if there is any question about my posts on the issue, please don't hesitate to ask.
  6. Modifier keys (Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Win) not working in Parallels

    Ive actually done some debug to reproduce the issue. What it comes down to, is how synergy + Mac + Remote Desktop Client/Parallels interact. When running a keylogger on my Mac, and on my remote desktop, i see the following: Pressing 'Shift + 2' ( the '@' symbol): The Mac sees see the expected 'shift down' + '2' + 'shift up' sequence of keyboard events. The remote desktop client sees: 'shift down' + 'shift up' + '2' sequence of events,
  7. Server stops responding

    Hello, Can you please place ticket for us here :
  8. A real person to talk to

    We have never received letters from you. Please post a ticket for us here:
  9. Hello Guys. The issue looks really strange to me. Can each of you please place a ticket for us here So, we can work with the team on it and pass all the needed information to developers.
  10. Hi, Please clarify which version of Synergy you are using and your current OS's versions
  11. multiple client copies on Ubuntu

    Hi Can you please clarify which version of Linux you are using?
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  13. FYI this happen in all versions as far as I have seen. It sends both Alt and PrintScreen. If you're using a third party tool like Snaggit you can set the hotkey combination to Alt + PrintScreen to have it register properly.
  14. This has been an on-going issue for me for close to 1 year now.. when will this be fixed?? when will there be an update.?
  15. Can't install Synergy 2.0.12

    Having the same problem when trying to install synergy_2.0.12.beta_b74+0b61673b_amd64.deb
  16. Last week
  17. I tried many time to get stable Synergy 2 running on both Linux and Windows, all would be fine, then it would crash and be difficult to restart on all machines. I went back to Synergy 1, 1.10.1-stable build Aug. 28. Now, everything starts up fine, after a while the connection either fails completely on the Linux machine (Windows is the server) or becomes flaky. Almost every time I look into this situation, one or more additional client copies have started on the Linux machine. If I kill off the extra copies, I usually get back to working. PS. this is at home, I have used Synergy in my office for many years. It is quite disappointing how many times I have had to try and debug failed connection at home. I am now using a hardware USB switch. Any help, greatly appreciated.
  18. Hey what's up guys. I've come across a small issue and I'm pretty sure there is an easy fix but i just can't seem to figure it out. I bound my lock/unlock key to "k" on my keyboard which is also assigned to one of the side buttons on my mouse. For the first few days it worked fine, as in i could lock and unlock my screen and type with the "k" key as well with no issue, but today for some reason the imput of the "k" key from my keyboard and my mouse binding has stopped working. It didn't even work when i plugged in a second keyboard. Eventually i figured it out and bound my synergy keybind a button that i won't use while typing but I'm sure this is not intended to function this way. I found a work around and not a fix and there may be others who have the same issue. Has anyone else come across a similiar issue?
  19. Server stops responding

    Sadly happens too often, leave it on for the night and most likely it will have messed up overnight and needs to be killed on both systems to get it to work again.
  20. Latency over Wifi - Solved with LAN??

    Hello @OstNord, Yes, this is possible, you can connect both to a LAN, which will give a set of IP addresses, and you can use WiFi for the Internet. In this scenario, you can use the LAN IP addresses to connect Synergy.
  21. HotKey to Disable

    @GabeCor You can try setting up a hotkey to switch to the machine, please check here:!Atc8CSr_kAN4lhQw3W7Jy6w-u3pB There a guide you can follow: " How to add a Hot Key to change to different screens.pdf "
  22. Fedora upgrades synergy from v1 to v2 (I think)

    Just FYI: I use KDE and the graphical software updater does not respect the exception entry in dnf.conf (I'm not sure if the graphical software updater is a Fedora feature or a KDE feature) If this annoys me enough to figure out how to fix it, I'll update the post.
  23. HotKey to Disable

    Hi Folks, I am long time synergy user, but new to these forms. I've already searched for this topic and didn't see it so I figured a new thread was appropriate. The issue I am currently having is when my host machine locks (something that i recently started doing) and my client machine is unlocked and has the mouse and keyboard focus there is no way for me to get back to the host to unlock it. The mouse and keyboard focus are stuck on the client as though num-lock was enabled. My question is: is there a hotkey way to disable synergy? Or is there a way to force focus back to the host? My current solution involves stopping synergy on the client to unlock the host then having to use the client mouse and keyboard to unlock it before being to re-enable synergy. I am currently running version: 1.8.8 on both machines, and they are both Windows 7 machines. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or any other question to bring more clarity to the situation. Thanks
  24. Hi, I have a Macbook & Win10 notebook. Both HAVE TO be connect to the 5Ghz-Router with WiFi for an internet connection (would be never possible to setup an LAN cable from the location of the laptops and the wifi-router)...With that current setup it's not really possible to work (mouse & keyboard have way to high latency) My Questions: Is it somehow possible to connect the two laptops via LAN-cable (for latency-free symless) + Wifi (for the internet connection) at the same time?? Thanks alot in advance!
  25. Enable "lock to screen" by default?

    Still the same, the two actions will be 1) switch to other screen 2) lock to screen. but only the first one is carried out
  26. Server stops responding

    Hello, all - I have v1 of Synergy installed on my desktop and using it as the server and I'm sharing the mouse/keyboard onto my work laptop. I have noticed that Synergy will be working fine (sometimes for days on end) but will stop working out of the blue and I'm not longer able to share mouse/keyboard with the laptop. When this occurs I am unable to ping the server IP or DNS name any longer as I would expect. I have yet to figure out any concrete troubleshooting steps to take to get it to work again other than rebooting both devices and even then that doesn't solve it sometimes. Has anyone experienced this before? I tried v2 of Synergy to see if that would solve it but I ran into the same issue with it.
  27. I've got a desktop (Fedora 28) and a laptop (Fedora 29) that I was having a weird problem with synergy on. As I got ready to post, I wanted to verify I was running the latest version 1 so I clicked Help > About ... and it said version 2.0.0 which confused me so I started investigating. I checked dnf and it said synergy 2.0.0-4 was installed from the fedora repo. So I uninstalled, downloaded and reinstalled version 1.10.1 and then did a dnf upgrade and sure enough, dnf wanted to replace 1.10.1 with 2.0.0. Not sure who needs to fix this permanently, but if anyone else runs into this issue you can add exclude=synergy to /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
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