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  2. Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    Doesn't work for me.
  3. Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    I found another forum with what seems to be a fix within the program itself. Under Configure Server -> Advanced server settings, I unchecked the "Synchronize screen savers" checkbox. Now my secondary monitor goes to sleep.
  4. Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    Also, you didn't mention "ShareMouse" - which is Windows/Mac cross-platform - but (bizarrely) doesn't support Linux - "KaVoom" and "Input Director" (both also Windows-only).
  5. Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    Well, I guess it depends on how much the functionality is worth to you. For me, personally, the benefits of Synergy over the other choices by far outweigh the pain of the bug. Neither Multiplicity nor Mouse-without-Borders are cross-platform - they are strictly Windows-only. Synergy lets you share a mouse and keyboard AND do copy/paste across two computers that are running entirely different operating systems! I need to share between Linux and both of the alternatives that you suggest are 100% useless to me. The annoying failure-to-sleep bug - is just that: "annoying" - my LED monitors don't use that much power - I can always just turn them off at the end of the day, and the small savings with having them sleep when I'm actively working isn't that great - but if you used laptops on battery power, that would be horrible. So for *ME* I'd very much like to see the bug fixed - but it isn't going to send me running to another keyboard/mouse sharing app. However, it's good that some people are prepared to skip Synergy because of this because it applies pressure to Symless to fix the bug.
  6. Modifier keys (Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Win) not working in Parallels

    I am not suggesting that this is a fix, but noting it for completeness sake: My wife uses synergy as well, and in her case we bought the logitech K780 multi device keyboard. she just switches which device it points to when she needs to use remote desktop. This doesn't work for my setup, but maybe it will for someone else on here.
  7. Switched back

    probably just had to uninstall synergy 1 and reinstall, but I missed how synergy 2 looked and how easy it was to setup. After installing the first time, it was having connection issues. I then uninstalled, changed the pc names, then reinstalled. Booted and its connecting fine. However it still shows the old pc names, and the master computer doesnt have the correct application picture. Does this mean windows installed it twice incorrectly?
  8. Are you using Synergy 2?

    Yes. IPv6 by default has link local IPs. There are multicast and zeroconf for auto config solution. No internet is required.
  9. Are you using Synergy 2?

    I tend to agree with your last point. However, I think that auto config without a "homing signal" to Synergy servers would be possible even with IPv6 if you take advantage of broadcast packets.
  10. Synergy Development Status

    Updates for S1 will be coming in the next few months as the Symless development team continues to solidify and stabilize. Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, the license that you paid for with Synergy 1 does not transfer over to Synergy 3. You can get a refund for the product as the S3 release date comes closer (won't be for another year or two) and then just spend that money on an S3 license. For more information regarding the Synergy refund process, refer to this forum post I posted: Let me know if you have any more questions! @darthclide
  11. Is the client "screen name"/hostname the same after reinstall? If no you may have to update your server config file or use interactive config to create a new config file.
  12. Synergy 1 does not work with VPN connection

    The issue sounds like a VPN routing issue or IP subnet collision once VPN is connected. Need more network info before and after VPN is connected.
  13. Synergy Development Status

    Seeing as no more updates have come for Synergy 1, I came to the forums to see why that was. I already paid once, so will I be getting Synergy 3 when it comes out? Going to be really annoyed if the money I spent was a deadend...
  14. Are you using Synergy 2?

    I switch back to 1.x last year. 2.x auto config is too unstable and cannot be turn off. VPN or additional IP frequently break synergy connection. Also the requirement to have constant internet connection is just bad. I work from home and broadband can drop from time to time and that kill synergy connection too. I am using between two local computers in the same IP subnet, why the hell it need internet to stay working? Auto config is a good feature and may even be a requirement once everything is IPv6, but it need a lot of fine tuning, like a drop down menu to choose which subnet/ip/hostname to use, and don't make internet a requirement.
  15. This issue was discovered long time, over a year and has not been fix. Someone mention about sharemouse, it has the exact same issue. The only advantage of sharemouse now is the mouse scroll works on client.
  16. Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    This is a real shame for this thread to even exist. First of all, this program doesn't have a trial, but does have a money back guarantee, so one would expect it to "just work" out of the box. I installed the "Stable" version rather than the "Beta" version because I don't need anything fancy. I only have 2 PCs, both Windows 10. One has a mouse and keyboard, the other monitor only. Basic mouse, keyboard and clipboard functionality needed. From the time I installed it I thought I had found the best option out there. Then I noticed my second monitor doesn't sleep anymore and neither does the PC. This isn't a lack of function. This is functionality that breaks already existing OS functionality. "Bug" barely begins to describe this behavior. And to know that it's been happening to others for years and is still a part of the "Stable" version of a program is a bit sad. I am not going to run some registry hack to get a program to work that I paid for. Even Mouse Without Borders didn't have this problem. Neither did Multiplicity.
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  18. Just wanted to share what may be one of the more ... esoteric .. solutions I've created with Synergy. I've been kicked out of my office in one building temporarily, but left a Win10 machine there running Chrome Remote Desktop plus Synergy 2. I've got a laptop with me, also running Synergy 2. Both machines are actually on the same ip subnet bridged across our internal WAN, but about 4 miles apart... I'm sitting in a break room in a different building with a keyboard and mouse attached to a Windows laptop, and a Chromebook running Chrome Remote Desktop sitting beside it. The Chromebook's connected to the Windows machine back in the office. And I'm working just like I was there -- smooth mouse control, clipboard integration, and even forgetting and reaching to the Chromebook's keyboard works fine for controlling the remote computer. I did have to turn "Mouse Trails" ON for the mouse pointer to be visible from the remote computer. I set it to the lowest possible tail length. (Until I did that, Chrome Remote Desktop wouldn't draw the remote cursor being moved by Synergy.) It works like a champ. Since Chrome Remote Desktop on ChromeOS syncs the ChromeOS clipboard with the controlled machine, I can actually copy and paste from both Windows machines into ChromeOS too by using the Chromebook keyboard, of course, to interact with it. It feels odd -- but nice -- to move the mouse off of the Windows 10 computer on to the chromebook controlling another Windows 10 box... I just have to remember I can't actually control the Chromebook itself...
  19. I contact support and worked with them but they were unable to find a resolution. Here is there response
  20. Modifier keys (Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Win) not working in Parallels

    any progress with this ticket/ ugh... it is extremely frustrating1
  21. Modifier keys (Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Win) not working in Parallels

    this did not work for me, as you can see from my lack of capital letters the shift does not work properly when i'm using parallels on the mac from a windows server.
  22. I would like to disable file sharing (as it doesn't work well), disable copy/paste (I use Synergy between 2 Mac's, where the native clipboard sharing works better) and see whether I can modify scrolling behaviour (scrolling vertically goes in the wrong direction on the 2Mac, pitching to zoom doesn't work). Is there any config at all that can be changed, if so, how?
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  24. Synergy Development Status

    You're getting S3 if you've already paid for S2 beta. The beta program applies to all future Synergy betas, not just S2.
  25. Synergy Development Status

    You'll get the full version alongside the beta access.
  26. Synergy Development Status

    It's a bit confusing to be honest. Before S2 went back from Stable to Beta, I bought it as Synergy 2 Pro. Now that S2 is going to be discontinued, and there's not a single mention about how is it same or different from the one who bought "S2 beta access" and the one who bought "S2 basic or pro", I don't even know where that leave me hanging. Am I getting the S3 or I need to pay for another copy.
  27. WARNING: cursor may not be visible

    I have version 1.10.1-stable-894124e and I experience the 'WARNING: cursor may not be visible'. My cursor completely disappeared and I have to restart both of my computers. This is not good.
  28. How to change symless 2 computer name

    Yes, I tried that. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled.
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