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  2. Packages creation

    It's a perfect place to suggest, and we appreciate it! My point was only that changing the package manager might not be at the top of the priority list at this time.
  3. Packages creation

    Pardon my innocence, i was under the impression that "Future Ideas" was a good place to suggest.
  4. Packages creation

    CPACK isn't something i use -- i simply figured sit would make things ALOT easier for you guys, the way you already do everything CMAKE style the suggestion didn't come with anything more than this.
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  6. Mouse gets stuck on clients screen

    I believe this issue was actually due to me accidentally pressing `ScrLk` So, at least in my case, this was not a synergy error
  7. Interesting windows (bad) behavior - undocking causes lockup

    Ok "fast startup" on or off made zero difference.
  8. An open letter about the Synergy team from the CEO

    Indeed, thanks for the correction in course over the recent weeks. I much appreciate this new way of communication and openness. As hard as those steps may be to towards yourself and the affected people, it would help nobody to not take action and procrastinate such decisions
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  10. This isn't necessarily an issue for me since disabling Synergy from the taskbar solves this, but I wasn't sure if was an intended software response so I thought I'd share it here. When playing a First Person Shooter in fullscreen with Synergy enabled and rotate towards the direction of my second "synergy screen", the application minimizes instantly.
  11. .. also noticed that both win10 and mac tray app will disappear - assume they are crashing
  12. Im forced to kill the 'syngergy-config' process with activity monitor get synergy2 (2.0.12 beta) to reconnect after a network change (wake from sleep or change wifi networks)
  13. Not working on ubuntu 17.04

    I don't use Ubuntu primarily and am not extremely familiar with Linux distributions, but when I was using ubuntu with Synergy I ran into problems. I ended up having to start the service in terminal every time I booted up and if I disabled synergy it wouldn't work again after re-enabling. I'm running Linux Mint now and installed Synergy 2 and from a first time install, test, reboot and re-test it seems to be much more dependable. Again, my inexperience with Ubuntu could of affected my experience but I thought I'd share.
  14. The transparency is much appreciated! Its not easy making the decision to take the software back to beta. I hope things get figured out smoothly
  15. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    The above (disable/enable) worked for me...thanks!
  16. I'm having the same issue. Willing to try the steps listed in the comment on GitHub, but the link above from Paul Suarez is a dead link Does anyone have instructions for how to fix this? (Version 1 latest, on OSX). Thanks for any help. Oh, I should mention... this has been a stable installation for at least a week or so, and to my knowledge I have not installed any new software which could have caused a permissions change to any files.
  17. An open letter about the Synergy team from the CEO

    It takes guts to admit mistakes and correct course. I hope the transparency you have shown the last few days continues into the future. It helps people to understand and root for you and it's what people expect from companies that come from the Open Source scene. Synergy had a rough time recently but I'm positive you can turn it around. Good luck.
  18. Synergy loses ability to click in client

    Kelvin, I will also point out that i had stopped asking about this in August 2017
  19. Synergy loses ability to click in client

    While i understand you are a small company/team, this is not the best way to communicate your issues in this social media world. I had let this problem sit dormant for months and had learned to live with it until others brought it back up. I too thought it was not the end of the world in using this product, but you don't go around telling people that their issue is petty and unworthy with an attitude like they are also petty and unworthy.
  20. Synergy loses ability to click in client

    I do find it offensive that the largest and most frustrating bug is not a "super high priority". Hearing that that this whole operation is a two man team generates no sympathy from me. Running a business is hard, and it's even harder when you are not making your customers happy. Furthermore, hearing of these struggles makes me lose all hope of ever seeing that long laundry list of features in Synergy 2 ever coming to life. I feel I just bought an early access game on steam.
  21. Interesting windows (bad) behavior - undocking causes lockup

    Something just occured to me: Windows 10's "shutdown" isn't really a "shutdown" if you have "fast startup" enabled... which I do. I am going to turn it off and see what happens the next time I shut down.
  22. Mouse gets stuck on clients screen

    I have two PCs, a desktop acting as server, a laptop acting as client. After the move to Synergy2, it often happened to me that I couldn't move the mouse pointer of the laptop any more from the server. It took me a while to find out: as soon as I touch the keyboard of the client PC, it no longer listens to the server. This lasts until I press space bar of the server. I assume that there is some attempt happening in the background, automatically detecting who is the master. This logic seems flawed to me and I would suggest to disable it, or at least give the user the option to switch off this behaviour.
  23. How to use Synergy between local LAN and VPN connected PCs

    forgot to add I have created a account & choose that one as it, along with & one other, are included in my routers DynamicDNS options! It is however prompting me to purchase at US$55 annual which I wont do unless I can make this thing actually work
  24. How to use Synergy between local LAN and VPN connected PCs

    Hi J.P. I really hope you read this, or anyone else in this old thread, to help me implement your work around. I'm stuck & do not understand what to do at... 3) Select a non-default port for Synergy to use - again security precaution Also all the Router stuff... I have a 2011 Mac Mini i7 quad-core 8gig Desktop... a 2011 Macbook Pro i7, quad-core 4gig Laptop... & a TP-LINK: TL-WR741ND Router. I have ExpressVPN on both computers but would like it mainly for the internet on my Mac Mini. I have so far put Synergy Pro 1 on both machines, making the Laptop the 'server' & the Desktop the 'client'. That I have working at least, lol I'm out of my depth here guys & would truly appreciate anyones help here, thanks ") - Harley, NZ
  25. Synergy loses ability to click in client

    I'm not familiar with AHK's scripting syntax, can you please explain to an idiot (me) what a hotstring is?
  26. Synergy loses ability to click in client

    Have you done some testing to confirm this?
  27. Synergy loses ability to click in client

    You may not be aware of this, but Synergy's team is reduced to two people. I'm sorry to say that compared to the other issues that they have to deal with (not limited to software development), as blunt as this may sound and I'm sorry if this is offensive to you, this isn't a super high priority. Compared to finding SDEs (software developers), business administration, handling their support tickets as a two-person team, etc., the stress of handling an entire business as a two-person team is going to force them to put some things to the side and compared to some of the more pertinent issues that they must deal with and unfortunately, this issue is one of those that, while I am in complete agreement that it should be fixed at some point (as it may be true with other software), it's an issue that is known but an issue that will probably not see a fix in the immediate future. Sorry.
  28. Mouse gets stuck on clients screen

    i've uninstalled synergy on all my computers because it doesn't work at properly at all. synergy gets mouse cursor stuck on other computers and i can't even use ctrl alt delete to get back to my main pc
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