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  2. Unable to connect sometimes

    Ah, it’s probably a bug rather than a config issue. Can you share your logs? Most likely not a networking issue (so settings wouldn’t help in this case).
  3. Log files can also be found on your file system. Windows: C:\ProgramData\Symless\Synergy\ Mac: ~/Library/Synergy/ Linux: /var/log/synergy/
  4. Key Mapping Issue

    Sadly Microsoft blocks the intercept of Win+L for security reasons. How about mapping Shift+Win+L to Win+L on the client?
  5. Synergy 2.0 over BT PAN?

    How about an ad-hoc WiFi network? This might eliminate the lag. Also, have you seen this article?
  6. How to run Synergy Core directly

    Ah, Synergy 2 wraps Synergy Core in that it provides a new encrypted transport layer with a different protocol. A diagram would probably describe this best. Suffice to say though, you can’t mix Synergy Core and Synergy 2 in terms of end user config. You have to use one or the other because of the new network layer.
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  8. 2.0.9 has landed!

    I am more concern about when will that be fixed : "Modifier keys (Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Win) not working in Parallels" I am not using parallels but ms remote desktop on MacOS client. And I am having the exact same issue for months.
  9. 2.0.9 has landed!

    And...2.0.10 is out with no release notes.
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  11. Fedora 27 downgrades 2.0.9 to 1.8.8

    JacobPed, Thanks. I rarely do updates from the Gnome Software tool, but yes it tries to downgrade it too. I added the lines to the yum repo files and it worked. Thanks again. -Jerry
  12. How to run Synergy Core directly

    The way you worded the first phrase suggests that the functionality of Synergy 2 is being driven by Synergy Core. On the contrary, the second phrase leaves the impression that they are completely separated from each other (different protocols as you mentioned). Maybe you can elaborate further on how the two projects are connected?
  13. Synergy 2.0 over BT PAN?

    So it looks like I can achieve similar results by installing a USB Wifi adapter on my desktop and joining it to our public network. Lag is quite tolerable, although I had to mess around extensively with Windows 10 networking metrics to make sure my domain connection retained priority over the new networking connection... This probably isn't the most secure method, but it is cheapest with the least amount of wires.
  14. Mouse pointer is hidden

    Good news. A workaround is possible. If you install the kde GUI environment for Fedora, there is no problem. I wonder if this is with gnome 3? Either way, this fixed it for me for now:
  15. How to Set X Display?

    No more log needed: This worked: (same suggestion as yours)
  16. How to Set X Display?

    Hello Hans, i assume that you are using the Unity look like gnome... the workspaces that you mean are the virtual Desktops, where you can sort your Applications. Im Using Synergy without Problems with multiple workspaces. Try echo $DISPLAY it shuld be ":0" and then it should work. if it is someting like :1 then could the stuff in my last post do the trick for you... (if Linux is yout main OS) A little bit more of the log would be nice. Greetings MadMe
  17. How to Set X Display?

    So I have this with 2.0.10 (just bought it) and my Ubuntu 17.10 and Mac OS Sierra machines. I have 6 workspaces running on Ubuntu (master station). 1 till 6. WARNING: secondary screen unavailable: unable to open screen [ Core ] [2018-04-23T21:54:04] DEBUG: XOpenDisplay(":0.0") Will you enable multi workspaces?
  18. Synergy 2.0 over BT PAN?

    Update: I have tested both the USB to ethernet connections and USB wifi adapters on both devices. No lag, whatsoever, with either a direct ethernet connection or a USB Wifi hosted network. I have installed new bloothtooth adapters on both devices; lag appears to be even worse. I see v2.0.10 was released recently, so I will upgrade and test with that.
  19. How to run Synergy Core directly

    Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Could you please elaborate?
  20. Key remap

    Ha! Actually, just a Vim user. (In fact, a Thinkpad X270 with a Vortex Pok3r for typing when I'm at my desk.)
  21. Key remap

    Sounds like someone is living the painful life of owning a MacBook Pro with Touchbar. God, I hope they get rid of that thing this year.
  22. Unable to Install on Debian 9

    Linux Test-DebStretch 4.9.0-6-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.82-1+deb9u3 (2018-03-02) x86_64 GNU/Linux I just downloaded synergy_2.0.9.stable_b1573+4a1bbebe_amd64.deb and attempted to install it. Package Manager complains: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libssl1.0.0 (>=1.0.0) Maybe you (Synergy Team) should focus on dynamically loading different version of (from the libssl* packages).
  23. Key Mapping Issue

    I am currently using Synergy 1.9.1 due to connection issues with 2.0.9. The problem I find with Synergy is key map with Windows key. First, my setting with Synergy is Server is Windows machine and Client is macOs. When I am browsing Chrome (including other browsers) on macOs, I use cmd + L to select address bar. If I press key cmd + L on macOs, it locks Windows machine (server) and loose ability to use Synergy share mouse/keyboard. I unlocked the Windows machine, but it still gets some time to get back to the ability of Synergy share mouse/keyboard. Is there a way to prevent this locking Windows machine? is there a way to re-mapping? Thanks.
  24. Unable to connect sometimes

    Hi Nick, I have a complex scenario. Computer A is connected to a corporative network on one of its Ethernet boards. Computer A is also connected to computer B with another Ethernet board. Computer A accesses the internet through the corporate network. Computer B accesses the internet through a 4G connection. Computer B is connected to A through one of its Ethernet cards. At some point, Synergy is able to find the bridge and connect the two. But sometimes it does not find or takes too long. I'm a developer myself and I know you guys ai trying to make the life of non power users easy, though for me it would be much easier if I had advanced options to set on which bridge I would like Synergy to connect. Thanks in advance, Leonardo
  25. 2.0.9 working well with on tiny, odd hiccup

    Possibly something in the way Texter hooks the mouse interrupt code. Developers... ?
  26. I have 2.0.9 on Win 10 x64 and High Sierra 10.13.4 and it works WONDERFULLY. But, I have found one obscure glitch that is not a big deal, but might give a teensy bit of insight into a potential larger problem. I've seen others post about not being able to click on a client machine, and I have a reproducible instance of that behavior. On the Win 10 machine, I occasionally use the PortableApps version of Texter, a text substitution utility ( When I run it, I lose the ability to click on the Mac from the Win 10 box. The mouse pointer moves, but no clicky. Closing Texter restores click, reopening Texter disables click. Keyboard works fine either way. If I use the mouse on the Mac directly, then close and reopen Texter on the Win 10 box, then the mouse click WORKS... and stays working, with Texter open. Weird, huh? Other than that, 100% satisfied! Gonna buy a second copy for home...
  27. where can we find the logs themselves ? My mouse reverts to the kb/mouse shared computer every couple of minutes. I want to see if the logs are saying anything before I bring it here.
  28. Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    Much appreciated! I wish this was done by default, or at least have it as an option during installation.
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