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  2. I am trying this using Mojave beta 7 and this is an excerpt from my log: [ Service ] [2018-08-16T21:00:24] debug: starting core process with command: /Applications/ --client -f --debug DEBUG --name Doug-MacMini --enable-drag-drop --profile-dir /Users/dougb/Library/Synergy --log /Users/dougb/Library/Synergy/synergy-core.log [ Service ] [2018-08-16T21:00:24] debug: core process started, id=5520 [ Core ] [2018-08-16T21:00:24] INFO: drag and drop enabled [ Core ] [2018-08-16T21:00:24] DEBUG: screen shape: center=-1920,0 size=4480x1440 on 2 displays [ Core ] [2018-08-16T21:00:24] DEBUG: starting watchSystemPowerThread [ Core ] [2018-08-16T21:00:24] DEBUG: adopting new buffer [ Core ] [2018-08-16T21:00:24] DEBUG: creating quartz event tap [ Core ] [2018-08-16T21:00:24] DEBUG: started watchSystemPowerThread [ Core ] [2018-08-16T21:00:24] DEBUG: waiting for event loop [ Core ] [2018-08-16T21:00:24] ERROR: failed to create quartz event tap [ Service ] [2018-08-16T21:00:25] debug: core process exited: exit code=0 expected=false error=Undefined error: 0 [ Service ] [2018-08-16T21:00:25] error: can't wait() on core process: waitpid(2) failed: No child processes [ Service ] [2018-08-16T21:00:25] debug: core process I/O cancelled unexpectedly This section basically repeats over and over. I want to run the server on macOS Mojave, and client is Win 10, but due to this error the Synergy window shows the Win 10 box as the server.
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  4. Host Changes?

    Looking though the github text-config section i found a interesting setting that seems to work. preserveFocus = true # Don't drop focus when switching screens This seems to do the trick. To be able to save the settings file you need to set Read-Only attribution after editing the config file.
  5. Host Changes?

    I am encountering a very annoying bug. My setup now is this: Host Computer: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit ( Ghost-Pc ) Client Computer: Linux 4.17.14-arch1-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 9 11:56:50 UTC 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux ( [email protected] ) Network Connection: Ethernet Problem: When entering screen on client the host seem to switch host to the client machine at random. First it looked like it happened only when i minimized the Synergy 2.0.12-beta application on the host machine, but unsure if this is the cause. Client is running the Arch User Repository program: synergy2-bin 2.0.12.beta-1 (22, 1.00) with this command to capture information: synergy-config Potential fix: Add the ability to lock what machine is the host Log: Attachments: synergy_config.log (Console Log from Arch Client) synergy-config.log (Log file from /var/log/synergy) synergy-router.log (Log file from /var/log/synergy) synergy-combined.log (Log file from /var/log/synergy) synergy-service.log (Log file from /var/log/synergy) synergy-service.log synergy-combined.log synergy-config.log synergy-router.log synergy_console.log
  6. Hello Since the release of version 2, I have problems synchronizing between my computers, I use gigabit wired network, latency 0. By analyzing the system logs, I was able to see that there are no access routes to nonexistent routes. But, the main problem is the connection failure, by pressing Ctrl 2 times on the Windows computer, when doing this, the mouse pointer immediately returns to MacOS (Synergy Server). Another fault, which is only corrected when restarting the Windows computer, is the Shift key, remain locked, not even touched, after this error everything is selected as if holding the Shift key, after this locking, it is no use insisting on pressingShift, Ctrl, or any other key, not even restarting Synergy Service on both systems. It only normalizes after restarting the Windows computer, and sometimes MacOS. Follows my attached logs. I believe in your team, because Synergy is an excellent tool. synergy-combined.log synergy-config.log synergy-core.log synergy-router.log synergy-service.log synergy-tray.log
  7. ERROR: ssl certificate doesn't exist:

    Same here... I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 and getting [2018-08-16T12:11:16] ERROR: ssl certificate doesn't exist: /home/xxx/.synergy/SSL/Synergy.pem /build/synergy-3N7yN5/synergy-1.8.8-stable+dfsg.1/src/lib/net/SecureSocket.cpp,617
  8. Mouse Speed Differs Across Machines

    are you using wireless on one of the computers? I have experienced the same issue when one of my machines are using a wifi connection
  9. Where to download 1.9.1?

    interesting about 1.9.1 OSX fixes.. I'm in for the hunt on this too.. Any chance you can tell me/us fellow users.. what's up with 1.10 not being stable for you ? FYI: I tried v2 and hated it. Luckily, I received it for free due to buying into Synergy a very long time ago. It feels invasive and when I tried it did NOT work without constant internet connection (AKA, you can't use on air gap'd network). AKA: they went from making a tool for fellow developers to castrating it for soccer-moms to use WITHOUT providing us any way to control the "new methods" they implemented. For instance, no's all supposedly automatic and it sucked 3 hours of my life away and STILL FAILED at what it was supposed to do. Sadly, these guys failed to deliver a version1 that was promised and marketed.. and their version 2 is flaky-o-rama. // I assume that they distanced themselves from SourceForge... as 1.8.8 is the last download there for v1.x.. // Github;
  10. macOS Touch Bar soft keys not transmitting

    Oh my goodness! I was away on holiday when you sent this and then completely spaced it. Still want to RP? I will get it done!
  11. sudden onset: mouse click on second computer sometimes fails

    I have the same thing happening on the Beta. It appears to be linked with meeting/screen sharing software on my machine. Restarting the synergy service seems to correct it. If someone can tell me where to pull logs I can grab them from both machines the next time it happens.
  12. Last week
  13. I have two Windows 10 x64 machines connected, one has keyboard and mouse (primary) second has No keyboard and No mouse, but Does have a touchscreen. This setup has been working perfectly ever since 2.0.12 was released. I keep both machines up to date on Microsoft patches. Neither has had significant hardware or software changes recently. Now, about once a day, I lose the ability to click on the secondary computer... mouse movement works fine, but just cannot left or right click. Restarting Synergy on the primary usually fixes it. Could this have been induced by a MS patch? Anyone else having this issue? (sorry, I'll try to snag a log next time it happens...)
  14. Screen saver

    Is there any chance that version 2. is stopping my screen saver?
  15. After a recent shutdown my iMac will not accept connections from my PC - I can easily share my Windows 10 PC's mouse and keyboard - but not vice a versa. I believe it's the config information presented by the PC the Mac's not accepting. I've tried removing and reloading Synergy several times but the IP's remain in the config - how do I remove all traces of Synergy and reload it?
  16. Boot Raspberry Pi 3

    Doesn't happen for me so I'd just be guessing. I'd make sure the autostart file you edited is the correct one ---> ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart and not one of the at least 3 autostart files located elsewhere in Raspbian. Editing this one will run the script when you log on as user Pi, or whatever user - whichever home directory you find the autostart file in that you add the startsynergy line into. There are ways to intentionally run a script every time you open any terminal, though I never do that and I'd have to look it up. So this is my best guess. I know this method runs flawlessly for me.
  17. Boot Raspberry Pi 3

    Thanks Skylar! This method works for me. EDIT: So this is weird. When I open up a terminal, it boots my synergy session. Any thoughts?
  18. Boot Raspberry Pi 3

    Thanks Skylar! This method works for me.
  19. Insane lag (have tried everything)

    Really? Interesting. Not that it'll help the situation or anything, just out of pure curiosity. You don't have to do this if you don't want to, but do you mind if you send screenshots of 2.4 GHz ping and 5 GHz ping? Thanks.
  20. Multiple Monitor On Slave

    I understand your frustration and your perspective. I've landed myself in that situation before. It really is frustrating. However, for the meantime, that can't be implemented and as such, a compromise and workaround will have to be found for the moment in order to maintain your productivity. My proposed solution is one of many that you can try.
  21. Screen/mouse lockup with 1.10 on linux

    UB 18.04 on server, UB 16.04 on client.
  22. I had been running < 1.10 for quite some time, rock solid stable. (Had tried 2 for a while, didn't care for it.) Ever since updating to 1.10, seems like I'm seeing random whole desktop lockups on the server side. Killing synergys unlocks it. I'm using it infrequently - and best guess (though no clear evidence for this) is that it's when I'm hitting an edge waking screen on adjacent linux box, however killing synergyc on the client system has no effect. Right now I'm apparently able to fully reproduce it - even after restarting both sides. Anyone seen any symptom like this? Happy to try to do a bisect, but figured I'd ask here if symptom has been seen by others before doing so.
  23. Multiple Monitor On Slave

    Regarding what version it is the first one its not the beta easy install. I get what you are saying I really do. I thought it may be treated as such. Maybe one could suggest an enhancement where the system can detect and treat supplemental monitors as their own entity. This would make this application truly excellent in my opinion.
  24. Insane lag (have tried everything)

    Alright, well I can tell you switching to wifi over 2g didn't help the situation at all. I'll check out Powerline Ethernet though, sounds like something that could be of use.
  25. Insane lag (have tried everything)

    And there's your issue. You want about 5-15ms. 15ms is stretching it. You have nearly 4x the "stretching it" point. So, we've found a potential issue (not definitively the issue, but I would be surprised if it isn't at least part of the issue). Here's why it's an issue; you're using 5 GHz. With 5 GHz, it's ideal to be using it within line of sight because a lot of it gets absorbed through the obstructions. If we're talking different floors, structural supports in place could be bouncing it around or worse, they could be made of metal, a classic no-no in the age of high-frequency wireless. There are three solutions that I can think of, ranked in price. Firstly, get yourself a couple of range extenders. These bad boys, although not ideal, can extend the range of your signal so that you get less attenuation and therefore, less latency on your connection. Remember that latency is a two-way affair. 50ms to communicate with a client and get a response can screw with real-time applications, which Synergy is one. Most range extenders plug into an outlet and allow you to configure the network that it is to extend. Place some of these strategically around your household to improve your signal. Do some research on what range extenders best fit your purpose though. Secondly, implement powerline ethernet. Powerline Ethernet is a way that you can run an Ethernet signal through the existing power infrastructure of your home using some nodes that plug into your outlets similarly to range extenders. One node plugs into your modem/router simple enough, and the other plugs into your computer, or preferably a gigabit switch. That way, you don't deal with the attenuation of a wireless signal and since Ethernet can travel a lot farther, there you go. Thirdly, get a new router implementation. A mesh router implementation can give you low latency and higher speeds, but do NOT use this as a first resort and I'm only including it as an option because it exists. If I were you, I would NOT go with the third option unless I had to because of the sheer expense it would take you relative to the other two options.
  26. Synergy webcam sharing

    Not a bad idea. However, it would require many man-hours of development due to the fact that with input devices that deal with video and audio input, it isn't as simple as "let's just emulate the device using a virtual device on the other computer!". That would present hell with latency with a webcam. Instead, what would have to be done instead is for the webcam to be connected using a virtual bus to the system in order to detect it as an external device. This presents a slight challenge in that connecting a device using a virtual bus to another system is different from emulation in that you are not replicating the device with a virtual device driver, but you could still run into issues with latency. Imagine what would happen with video if some people even have issues getting mousing around to work as seamlessly as we would like. It may come, but don't plan on it being in the immediate future. That being said, it isn't a bad idea at all. There are other alternatives to what you're asking for. One of them might be to purchase an inexpensive external webcam to connect to your desktop from providers such as Logitech. These can work very well and with very low latency, given that they're working over the (relatively) very-high speed USB bus.
  27. Insane lag (have tried everything)

    The router is in the room below me, older residential house so be my guest on whats between me and the router (I'm no architect so my best guess is a bit of wood lol) The router is whatever my ISP (Spectrum) supplied me. Not sure if it's any metric to go by, but I can pull about 800mbps on the 5ghz wifi on my PC so I think I got a pretty good connection to it. Also no, I don't usually have bad latency. Don't know if this is the proper way of doing so, but I pinged my client PC via windows command prompt with about 50 32b sized requests and got an average of 50ms in return.
  28. Multiple Monitor On Slave

    About your question, it may not be possible with Synergy, with the reason being that Synergy treats multi-monitor set-ups as one computer regardless of how many monitors you have. The task of designating which monitor the mouse is to be present on is relegated to your operating system due to Synergy's inability to recognize that you've plugged in multiple monitors. With that being said, please note that there are some potential solutions that I can think of. First one to try: Go to System Preferences and set your external display to be the main display. Then drag the iMac display to the left of that one. Now you can drag to the left to get to the external display and to the left again for it to wrap around to the iMac display. A truly seamless experience such as the one that you proposed in your original post isn't possible, from the methods that I'm currently aware of. However, the compromise that I've proposed here provides the closest experience to seamless that I can think of at the moment. Sorry.
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