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  3. Synergy 2 doesn't find any computers

    Everything on my network works fine. Synergy is the only thing having issues. Also look, synergy sees the computer it's installed on is offline. Synergy 1.8.x worked fine. Synergy 2 seems like crap so far. yes...
  4. It may just have something to do with not being able to run it in systemd. I'm tinkering with it on my end, when I have more time I'll try to run it with elevated priority on arch to see if that changes anything. I'll reply here if I find anything useful, if you don't hear back from me in a few weeks, send beer.
  5. I have not measure the "speed" of my cursor in any way, I wonder how you would do that (pixels/second perhaps) but it does not seem DPI/resolution dependent or "speed of cursor" dependent. No matter how slowly I try to change displays, the moment the cursor touches the screen boundary, synergy-core restarts.
  6. It appeared to help on my end, but it still glitches when I'm on the Arch (client) side of the screen. It never messes up when I'm on the Windows (server) side. Sometimes it seems it happens when I abruptly change directions of the pointer. I've got a 4k display on the Windows side, and a 2k resolution on the Arch side. DE is cinnamon. Dunno if any of that matters. I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with a polling rate mismatch between the two computers. Changing other conditions (pointer size, acceleration, etc) doesn't make a difference, but I can 100% attest that slowing my transition down from server to client helped out.
  7. Install fails on Windows 10 64bit

    Great Joel! I'm planning on updating our UNOFFICIAL Documentation later this week. I will work your solution into the documentation
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  9. Install fails on Windows 10 64bit

    OK, I finally got it resolved (this has been a long haul!) After learning about those logs it led me down the Google path to finally find the Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall tool. Running this tool it found the Synergy application and when I selected it and told it to try to uninstall, it worked! I'm leaving this here in case anyone else runs into a problem like this. Cheers!
  10. Install fails on Windows 10 64bit

    I did find some more information. Running the 2.0.5 setup with the /l* <logfile> switch produces output that shows this: FindRelatedProducts: Found application: {F84DEC21-0749-40DC-B25D-ADDA26459814} FindRelatedProducts: Found application: {F84DEC21-0749-40DC-B25D-ADDA26459814} and later Action 13:50:02: RemoveExistingProducts. Removing applications Action start 13:50:02: RemoveExistingProducts. RemoveExistingProducts: Application: {F84DEC21-0749-40DC-B25D-ADDA26459814}, Command line: UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE={6945F850-1C16-42D8-90CE-AEDBD047945A} CLIENTPROCESSID=2348 CLIENTUILEVEL=0 REMOVE=ALL CustomAction returned actual error code 1612 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox) Error 1714. The older version of Synergy (64-bit) cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. System Error 1612. MSI (s) (74:2C) [13:50:05:382]: Product: Synergy (64-bit) -- Error 1714. The older version of Synergy (64-bit) cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. System Error 1612. Action ended 13:50:05: RemoveExistingProducts. Return value 3. Action ended 13:50:05: INSTALL. Return value 3. I'm not able to find anything in the registry with the GUID that is mentioned, I did find a file in the C:\Windows\Installer folder named wix{F84DEC21-0749-40DC-B25D-ADDA26459814}.SchedServiceConfig.rmi but it's a 0 byte file. I moved it and tired again but had the same results.
  11. Synergy 2.04 Stable and Ubuntu

    2.05 didn't help. It seem obvious to me that there is some issue with detection of the Qt libraries. Since I've got a second Ubuntu system that works, I should be able to compare them and figure out what the difference is, but so far...
  12. Install fails on Windows 10 64bit

    One of the others is likely to have an idea.
  13. Install fails on Windows 10 64bit

    I agree, but I cannot find any. I've searched the registry for synergy & symless and found nothing other than entries in my recent searches, which I've also deleted. I cannot figure out what else this is looking for.
  14. Install fails on Windows 10 64bit

    Joel, I understand you were thorough with the deleting of the Synergy files, but if it's expecting a particular installer, that sure seems like there are still crumbs left behind. To me this sounds like a registry entry.
  15. Command + L Locks Windows Desktop

    I resorted to disabling the lock desktop shortcut on windows. Save as a .reg and run: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System] "DisableLockWorkstation"=dword:00000001
  16. Install fails on Windows 10 64bit

    I've been having this problem since v2.0.4. My dialog with support suggested that they would fix it in 2.0.5 but alas, it does not work. I have followed the uninstall instructions pinned at the top of this forum including removing the registry keys and of course deleting all the folder specified; however, when I try to install I receive a dialog (image below) that is looking for an older installer, v2.0.2, and it will not let me get past this. Unfortunately I'd long since deleted that installer and trying to trick it with a newer installer does not work. Support also will not send me the 2.0.2 version to try to get past this. Has anyone else run into this problem and fixed it? Does anyone have a copy of the 2.0.2 installer that I can try to get past this annoying error. Thanks in advance. -Joel
  17. Multiple IPs and other issues.

  18. Multiple IPs and other issues.

    I did contact support. They directed me here.
  19. Multiple IPs and other issues.

    Hey Matt, First contact support to open a support ticket. ℼ Support tickets drive development. Have you tried just 'start/stop' Synergy Service?
  20. Multiple IPs and other issues.

    Hello, First time posting on this forum. I tried doing the search for answers but with no luck. All systems are running the 2.0.5 Synergy version. Setup at home: Windows(Keyboard/mouse) <-> Ubuntu <-> Mac Laptop Setup at work: Ubuntu(Keyboard/Mouse) <-> Mac Laptop The Laptop is the same system. It travels from home to work and back. All other systems are stationary. When I run the Latptop from home I VPN into work. When at work my laptop gets assigned many IPs (4 IPV4 addresses and 8 IPV6 addresses). Synergy 2 has worked correctly exactly once at home and once at work. Problems at home: I've tried restarting synergy on all three platforms. Same result. I have tried rebooting the laptop but not the windows box or linux system. I've got working going on there and it's not an option at this time. * My Ubuntu box at home will often take over as the "share from ..". This is a problem because the ubuntu box doesn't have a mouse/keyboard attached. Oddly this doesn't happen at work. Both ubuntu systems are 16.04.3 LTS. Maybe it's because the Ubuntu box at work has is the "share from.."? On the windows system I have to re-click the "share from.." option to pull the mouse back. This is very annoying when trying to cut and paste from one system to another. It seems to lose the clipboard when the primary system swaps. Is there a way to lock the keyboard/mouse "share from.." to a system? Prevent it from bouncing around? * I get a lot of disconnects on the windows box and laptop. Clicking the "retry" fixes the windows system every time. The Mac looks to resume but still the mouse won't enter the screen. * On the Ubuntu system I get a warning every few hours that "Synergy has crashed." Do I want to restart it/report it?. I just close the warning. Synergy is running fine. Maybe it just restarts? * Even when I could get the mouse across all three systems the Mac always showed the Ubuntu box as trying to connect. (Green bar doing it's constant cylon eye imitation). Problems at work: * Same restart warning from my ubuntu box. Doesn't seem as often.. but it's hard to tell. * Both the Laptop and the Ubuntu box will see 2 Laptops under different names. I've been able to purge them all and only one returns. then things worked fine. Next time I tried this it wouldn't connect. Maybe the ability to lock Synergy to a single IP would help this issue. Thanks for reading. -Matt
  21. Mouse Cursor appearing at the middle of the screen?

    I should note that I did not have any of these problems before the latest update.
  22. Mouse Cursor appearing at the middle of the screen?

    Clever, and interesting. Good luck! I will watch for updates!
  23. Different keyboard layouts

    Agreed with all that have said it already... Being able to remap the modifier keys is essential for anyone who uses a Windows/macOS setup; at least, for me it is anyway!. Fortunately at the moment I am not a heavy user so am not that bummed about losing the ability to remap in V2, but I think it should defo be added back in.
  24. Not at all, it seems to trigger the moment I encounter the screen boundary
  25. Synergy 2 will not install on macOS 10.11 El Capitan

    I also tried disabling SIP, same crash. It looks like a compile issue, referring to a symbol not in the library on 10.11.6: Dyld Error Message: Symbol not found: _os_log_create Referenced from: /Applications/ Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib Maybe they didn't set the compile flags to make it compatible with 10.11? I'm really hoping for a fix soon.
  26. ARM/ARM64 GUI Compile ?

    does synergy-core have a GUI? what about SSL support ? everything used to work like a charm on 1.8.8, how can a branch happen to be completely useless on a platform it was already supporting ? or maybe just the wiki needs to be updated ? (like, adding steps to build GUI) hoping for better times
  27. +1 Some way to force always use selected computer keyboard and ignore the others
  28. Have the same issue. Please fix this! Thank you!
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