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  2. Synergy 1 a lots of problems

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  4. Are you using Synergy 2?

    I'm using 2 and it is better than 1 by far IMO, but I have encountered a couple of wrinkles. My two machines at present are both laptops running Win10 1803, connected to the router by wifi. Occasionally, the clipboards don't sync and I have to reboot to restore that feature, but the biggest nuisance is that after sleeping overnight my slave machine mouse cursor becomes sluggish and jerky - almost unusable for fine movements although faster moves sorta work normally. I say sorta. The keyboard seems fine. A reboot restores normal motion, but that is a pain. Additionally, on startup, sometimes it takes a few tries to get the mouse to cross to the slave. I changed the Synergy priorities on the slave to realtime but that did not seem to help, so I am wondering if this issue is common or something to do with these machines only.. Other than that I am happy, I have used MWB and Sharemouse, etc, but came back to Synergy, paid the upgrade price and I'm not sorry. I'd like to see more info and links on the GUI, though, like help and links to this forum. As it stands the GUI is unexplained and mysterious.
  5. Was there ever a fix for this? Even when I try to use link you provided that should provide the ubuntu version (instead of debian) I still get synergy 1.10.1...deb. I've not found anything in the forums with a solution. :-(
  6. Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    I'm seeing this between a Win10 machine and an Ubuntu 18 system with KDE. Both machines have two HP monitors and their own keyboard+mouse. Both are set up with a 10 minute power-save on the monitors only. I'm running Synergy 2.0.12-beta. Sometimes either one computer or the other will turn off the monitors it owns - but sometimes neither turn off - and I've never seen all of the monitors being off at the same time. Ubuntu 18 no longer ships with screen savers (they are obsolete in an age where we have LED monitors that don't "burn in") - so the power-save option is now the only reasonable way to get a blank screen...and power-save is a better mechanism anyway because it actually shuts off the raster and lets the monitor itself know to go into a low power mode. As others have mentioned - solutions that put the CPU to sleep are simply not viable for people who still want long-running calculations to proceed when the monitors are shut off. But having four bright glowing monitors in my guest bedroom/office 24/7 is also not viable. The latest synergy that allows either computer to be controlled by either mouse/keyboard is otherwise fantastic - and it would be a shame to have to dump it just because of this problem.
  7. Removing from Security & Privacy on my Mac then reinstalling 1.10.1 worked for me. Server is Windows 10. Client is MacOS Mojave. Thanks for the help.
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  9. New version of v2 ?

    Agreed. I'd at least like to see the team fix the issues that exist and they are aware of... Right now the product is completely unusable.
  10. New version of v2 ?

    I've been a fan of the application but after buying it, I have not seen much updates. I don't want a refund, but I want to see this software mature by solving the many issues it has. I don't even know if there is work being done, it's frustrating in a world where applications get regular updates.
  11. OK I went back Synergy 1 Pro. Works great. Let us all know when hotkeys are added to Synergy 2 Pro. I ASSumed if mouse & keyboard goes to all PCs surely hotkeys worked. Sorry all. JasF
  12. Use at different physical locations

    I use Synergy at work between an HP Laptop and a iMac, then at home I use it between an HP Laptop and a Dell Desktop. However, the config screen shows all 4 systems. Is this intended? Just seems a little weird that the 2 computers outside of my local network are showing up.
  13. Hi @Paul Suarez I'm having the same problem with version 2. Would it be possible to create a config file with the same functionality as the previous one? (transfer K&M with Shift + Ctrl + z)?
  14. So how long will it take to fix the issue on Symless?
  15. My host/client are on different networks so Mouse without Borders failed, I saw this " The systems must be networked. " on the Input Director page, so didn't even try. No solution for now
  16. Same experience; flawless before 1809 upgrade [my Enterprise version actually shows it as Build 17763], now doesn't work. The easiest way I found to recover the mouse cursor on the host is to do a ctrl-alt-del on client. The cursor will then return on the host and you can ESC out on the client. For now, I am going to either Mouse without Borders or Input Director
  17. Cisco WebEx Incompatibilities

    Chiming in to acknowledge that I see this behavior as well. Zoom is fine, for what it's worth. And indeed, running the Master on the WebEx system stops the momentary lockups. From some basic troubleshooting in the past, lowering the process priority from realtime did not help, as well. What else have you all tried? Hoping eventually someone will at least spot a workaround.
  18. All - I'm seeing the exact same issues upon updating to the latest version of windows. Tried everything, was working flawlessly before. Regards, Michael
  19. Any staff willing to respond please?
  20. Disable/Enable service

    In Synergy 2 - is there an easy way to enable/disable the service (perhaps by right-clicking on the tray icon)? I have my desktop PC and laptop connected via sharepoint, but when my laptop is nearby (and connected by WiFi) - I don't want the connection/pairing to be attempted. It ends up slowing my main PC, my mouse becomes sluggish and unresponsive, or jumps around. I only want to pair when the laptop is connected via wired locally. I'd love an option to manually pair/disable pairing from the host PC
  21. ssl error occured / eof violates ssl protocol

    That works! Thank you very much!!!
  22. Totally agree. S2 was working perfectly. After 1809, not so much. It occasionally works right but I sometimes have to wake it up by opening the app on my server/master. If I mouse into a client mouse clicks tend to toggle the minimize/maximize state of windows and the cursor gets stuck in the client. I found that I could regain control of the cursor by doing a ctrl-alt-delete on the client. [Then just hit ESC to cancel it].
  23. ssl error occured / eof violates ssl protocol

    Bobby, I got it working based on a thread that has been going for a while since the Mojave Developer Betas started in June. This is what I tried first and it worked on my system: System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy Tab -> Accessibility Section -> Unchecked Synergy I started synergy It asked for permissions and I re-checked the box and now all is working.
  24. ssl error occured / eof violates ssl protocol

    I upgraded to Mojave last night and I am seeing I think the same issue. The messages posted are what I get on the Server side. It looks like the client is continually restarting. These are the messages I get from the Mac Client log level Debug turned on: [2018-10-11T10:43:50] INFO: detected process not running, auto restarting [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: starting process [2018-10-11T10:43:51] INFO: starting client [2018-10-11T10:43:51] INFO: command: /Applications/ -f --no-tray --debug DEBUG --name wolverine --enable-drag-drop --enable-crypto [2018-10-11T10:43:51] INFO: config file: /var/folders/bz/h5t0ftjd60d30jfdv38y8y4w0000gn/T/Synergy.rW4640 [2018-10-11T10:43:51] INFO: log level: DEBUG [2018-10-11T10:43:51] INFO: drag and drop enabled [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: screen shape: center=0,0 size=4000x1440 on 2 displays [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: starting watchSystemPowerThread [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: adopting new buffer [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: opened display [2018-10-11T10:43:51] NOTE: started client [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: started watchSystemPowerThread [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: waiting for event loop [2018-10-11T10:43:51] NOTE: connecting to '': [2018-10-11T10:43:51] INFO: OpenSSL 1.0.2o 27 Mar 2018 [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: waiting for carbon loop [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: event queue is ready [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: add pending events to buffer [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: signalling carbon loop ready [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: starting carbon loop [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: carbon loop ready 2018-10-11 10:43:51.798 synergyc[4893:295843] starting cocoa loop [2018-10-11T10:43:51] NOTE: server fingerprint: 1D:C4:E4:B8:2F:9C:ED:BD:C3:22:2A:39:E7:C9:BE:2F:4A:ED:5B:24 [2018-10-11T10:43:51] WARNING: cursor may not be visible [2018-10-11T10:43:51] ERROR: failed to create quartz event tap [2018-10-11T10:43:51] INFO: connected to secure socket [2018-10-11T10:43:51] INFO: server ssl certificate info: /CN=Synergy [2018-10-11T10:43:51] INFO: AES256-GCM-SHA384 TLSv1.2 Kx=RSA Au=RSA Enc=AESGCM(256) Mac=AEAD [2018-10-11T10:43:51] DEBUG: hiding cursor [2018-10-11T10:43:52] ERROR: process exited with error code: 11 My config is: Linux Mint Cinnamon 19 with Synergy 1.10.0-stable-275cdc1c build MacBook Air Mojave with the same Synergy 1.10 build version I haven't figured out a work around yet, but if anyone else does I am all ears.
  25. Hello i buy synergy and i have a lots of problems. I have Win 10 1809 - server win 10 1803 - client 1. Ctrl -c -> ctrl-v not work with files. With text or something its work. 2. Synergy not startup with windows 3. I cant lock screen on my client with win+l. This lock my server only. 4. Drag and drop sometimes work and sometimes not without this features is useless to me. I use until now mouse without borders, its free and work better than Synergy right now. btw sorry for my english
  26. Hi there, Sorry I should have been more clear, exactly right the multi-touch swipes don't seem to work when I cross over to the other screens, they work fine on the main screen. I've been making do by using keyboard shortcuts but would like to know if Synergy folks are aware of this or maybe I'm doing it wrong
  27. Playing Overwatch, Mouse Issues

    It's fine in the menu but as soon as the game starts it goes to crap. Is there any fix for this? Thanks!
  28. I just finished upgrading my 2 Macs to Mojave, both of which connect to a Windows 10 server. One Mac upgraded with no issues, the other has not worked since the upgrade. The server shows the following in the log for the one it won't connect to: [2018-10-10T10:49:34] INFO: OpenSSL 1.0.2o 27 Mar 2018 [2018-10-10T10:49:34] ERROR: ssl error occurred (system call failure) [2018-10-10T10:49:34] ERROR: eof violates ssl protocol [2018-10-10T10:49:34] ERROR: failed to accept secure socket [2018-10-10T10:49:34] INFO: client connection may not be secure Over and over and over again. The client appears to be in a loop, as I notice the start button changes to stop then start then stop (it took several clicks to actually get it to fully stop as it seemed every time I clicked the button was back to being the start button). The client log doesn't give much of anything in the log other than: Started client Connecting to '...' Stopping synergy desktop process Process existed with error code: 9 So far I tried removing & re-adding the system entry under Configure Server, and I did a a clean re-install: Again, only 1 Mac is doing this, the other worked without a problem.
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