PLEASE fix the crashes

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PLEASE fix the crashes

Postby Red Squirrel » Mon Nov 14, 2016 11:04 pm

This is just ridiculous. This program is unusable because of how it crashes all the time. It constantly has to be reset. it's about the 5th time I have to reset it now in the past 10 minutes while I'm tryng to work on something that requires the use of my 3 monitors. It crashes more and more often.

The versions after 1.7.6 are too hard to install because of all the dependency issues but according to forum it seems even those versions crash all the time, so it's not worth trying to fight my way through dependency hell anyway.

Please, just fix this issue, and make it easier to install as well. Maybe offer a more streamlined version that has less dependencies.

Installing the version that comes with the distro through package manager is not really an option either as the versions won't match between different machines so it won't connect. The only way to really get them to match is to install manually.

At worse maybe write a watchdog program that can run alongside it to relaunch as needed. It would also need to do a kill -9 of the old process, because when it crashes, it does not fully exit, it just stays stuck as a rogue process.

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