Touchbar mac issues

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Touchbar mac issues

Postby Tim Thacher » Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:10 pm

The new MacBook pros with touchbar do not appear to transmit the esc and function (f#) keys to the client machine. When I turn on logging, I see the 'esc' key pressed when I am local to the Mac:

[2016-11-29T12:56:36] DEBUG1: event: Key event kind: 10, keycode=53
[2016-11-29T12:56:36] DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0000
[2016-11-29T12:56:36] DEBUG1: onKeyDown id=61211 mask=0x0000 button=0x0036

But I don't see any event when my cursor is within the client window and I press 'esc'.

I plugged in a keyboard to the USB port and events fire regardless which computer has the context. So it appears to be specifically tied to the touchbar. The same is true with the function (F#) keys.

Good luck.

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