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Company story

Software Sciences LLC is a software development consultancy based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Founded in 2017 by engineer Roderick Ford, the company specializes in mobile development for Android and iOS platforms.

As a highly accomplished software developer with decades of experience, Roderick Ford has worked at leading companies such as Boeing, Intel and Northrop Grumman, and has extensive programming language expertise.

The goal

The company needed a way to switch between computers with multiple operating systems, instantly and effortlessly without the use of a clunky KVM switch.

They were in the market for a tool that improved productivity and enabled workspace control as these are both essential factors in achieving their goal of software development simplicity.

The team’s primary workstation consists of multiple OSs, including three Windows computers, one Mac, and Linux through WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) on Windows, and was tiresome to navigate.

The solution

Software Sciences LLC discovered Synergy as a solution for managing their multi-OS setup. With Synergy, the company was able to eliminate the use of KVM hardware and adopted a more seamless, time-saving process; allowing the team to spend time where it matters most.

By implementing cross-platform control, Software Sciences LLC now has a more efficient software engineering workflow that enables team leaders to effectively train others and productively work with advanced technologies. 

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